“Let Down” Headache Can Arise From Many Causes

Q. Is there anyone out there who gets vacation migraines?

My world is pretty stressed. With working out of town, crazy sleep schedules, and taking care of my elderly mother-in-law, I live at a pretty high level of stress all the time. I do have chronic migraines, but I seem to get headaches when we go on vacation or at least the first part of the vacation. My husband tries to keep my stress low when we go on vacation, but I still get the headaches, even without the stress of day-to-day life. Is it because of the change in hormones at the lack of stress? Is it the drastic change that gives me the headaches? Continue Reading

Monitor Sleep, Relieve Headache


Sleep is a fickle factor when it comes to headaches. While too much or too little sleep can often spark a migraine, napping can sometimes relieve unbearable head pain.

How should you manage your sleep patterns in order to control your headaches? Here are some examples of sleep induced headaches that can possibly be prevented with a few simple adjustments. Continue Reading

Weekend Headache

Sleep_womanThose migraineurs who experience “weekend” headaches or headaches precipitated by oversleeping should try to awaken at the same time on weekends as they do during the week and to maintain a regular sleep pattern throughout the entire week. Moreover, it is essential for the migraine sufferer to get enough sleep, as fatigue can provoke a headache. In fact, fatigue is one of the most common triggers of migraine headaches.

A sudden stopping of the use of caffeine can lead to abrupt vasodilation and a “caffeine withdrawal” headache. Caffeine is also a stimulant, which can add a letdown feeling after the effect wears off. This kind of headache is common in heavy coffee drinkers. One of the factors contributing to “weekend” or “holiday” headaches may be caffeine withdrawal. If a person normally consumes large amounts of caffeine-containing substances during the week, a withdrawal or rebound headache may occur on weekends or holidays if similar amounts are not consumed. The pain producing mechanism of the headache is probably due to the vasodilation of cranial arteries. The headache may be a persistent, generalized one that lasts for weeks. A gradual withdrawal from caffeine containing substances can help to reduce the severity of the withdrawal headache.