New Frontier in Headache Treatment?

Many pharmaceutical companies are researching completely new compounds to attack headaches from different angles. Merck & Co., Inc., announced that a Phase III clinical trial showed that a new compound called telcagepant (formerly known as MK-0974) significantly improved relief of migraine pain and associated symptoms comparable to the triptan zolmitriptan, but with fewer side effects. Continue Reading

Triptan Patch Moves Closer to Approval

Positive results of the latest study of Zelrix® are giving hope to manufacturer NuPathe that the triptan patch treatment will be on the market soon. Zelrix is a novel way of taking sumatriptan (Imitrex®): it delivers the active ingredient through the skin via a transdermal patch. The patch, which was designed for migraineurs who experience nausea, allows sumatriptan to take effect without having to go through the gastrointestinal system. Continue Reading

Rizatriptan and Almotriptan in Head-to-Head Study

Few studies have contrasted the various triptan medications to find out which ones patients prefer most. In a recent study, funded by Merck & Co., Inc., which pitted almotriptan (Axert) against rizaptripan (Maxalt®), rizatriptan pulled ahead.

Using a stopwatch, 79 migraineurs recorded the time it took for pain relief from both triptans. Almost 89% of those who took rizatriptan experienced pain relief within two hours as compared to just over 74% of those taking almotriptan. After adjusting for various factors, the onset of pain relief was found to be 51% faster with rizatriptan. In addition, more patients reported being very satisfied with rizatriptan than with almotriptan.