Smoking Does Not Just Cause Cancer or Blacken Lungs

smoking-3621_640Both cigarette and cigar smoke contain many headache triggering chemicals. Nicotine, a component of tobacco products, has vascular activities that have been known to trigger headache. Cluster headache sufferers are often greatly affected by smoking.

Second hand smoke also proves to be an environmental factor that can precipitate headaches. According to a 2006 NHF survey, 52% of respondents reported that smoke triggers their headaches. Additionally, 73% of headache sufferers indicated that they limit their time in smoky environments. Tobacco products have been known to produce an odor that triggers migraine in some sufferers.

Thankfully, since 2006, laws have implemented smoking bans in cities and states across the nation. But to completely minimize smoke’s influence on head pain, the NHF suggests that you kick the habit. Continue Reading

Stroke and Heart Disease Risk Seen in Pregnancy

Women migraineurs who continue to suffer from attacks during pregnancy may be at an increased risk for a variety of vascular problems, especially stroke. According to a large population-based study, women who have migraines during pregnancy are 15 times more likely to have a stroke than other women, three times more likely to have blood clots and twice as likely to have heart disease. Continue Reading