Benefits of Massage for Chronic Headache

A 30-minute massage can improve the psychological and physiological state of people with chronic tension-type headaches, according to a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. In a small study, 11 people with chronic-tension type headache received either head-neck massage with a focus on pressure points or a placebo (detuned ultrasound). Researchers investigated the immediate effects of both treatments on heart rate variability, mood states and pressure pain thresholds.

Those who received the massage reported relief from symptoms within 24 hours. According to researchers at the University of Grenada, a single session of the trigger point massage produced a decrease in tension, anger status and perceived pain in patients with chronic tension-type headache, as well as a beneficial increase in index heart rate variability.

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Hormones Help Headache

Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body, but reports show that migraine pain before childbirth is unlikely. According to NHF statistics, approximately 80% of women who have migraine stop having migraine attacks from the end of the third month of pregnancy until delivery because of hormonal stability.

Though 20% of women still suffer from migraine pain during pregnancy, medication use during this time is discouraged due to potential harm to the fetus. Women typically experience migraine during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus is most susceptible to birth defects that may be caused by medications.  All headache medication should be avoided, but if it is absolutely necessary, patients should consult their healthcare providers. Continue Reading