Curelator, NHF Study Shows Migraine Sufferers Aren’t Good at Determining Own Triggers

curelatorAs Curelator Headache tracks the factors and symptoms for individuals’ headache and migraine, one thing is becoming clear: individuals are not great at determining their own triggers.

Curelator Headache is a digital tool that guides individuals to identify personal triggers, discover personal protectors (factors associated with decreasing an individual’s chance of an attack), and dismiss factors not associated with attacks. The results of an initial study released by Curelator Headache and the National Headache Foundation in December 2015 showed that some frequently cited triggers, such as chocolate and red wine, may be just as responsible for protecting against attacks as contributing to them. Continue Reading

National Headache Foundation Accepting Grant Applications for Cluster Headache Research

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The National Headache Foundation has been supporting clinical and basic science research in headache and its causes for over 25 years. These grants have served as springboards to obtaining over $7 million in federal funding of headache-related research. Newer resources have facilitated the application process and the review process.

Grants are now available, up to $100,000 per protocol, for research support. We are focusing the current campaign to protocols dealing with cluster headaches. This effort is supported by the Hope Schwab Fund in partnership with the National Headache Foundation. Continue Reading

NHF Congratulates Latest CAQ in Headache Medicine Class

Over the last couple of years the National Headache Foundation has developed a program to better help you—the headache and migraine sufferer. The Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) in Headache Medicine was reinstated to better set the standards for headache practice and assist those with headache in locating clinicians who could provide optimal headache-related health care. Continue Reading

Sample Letter Asking CMS to Withdraw Proposed New Medicare Part B Payment Model

On March 8, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a rule that would implement a new “Medicare Part B Payment Model” that could adversely impact patients. On behalf of the members of the National Headache Foundation, we would greatly appreciate your consideration to review the new payment model and to let Congressional leadership know the concerns of those physicians involved in headache medicine.


We are especially concerned that this precedent will be applied to implementation of the value-based pricing models, which are far more complex and for which the proposal provides only brief, vague descriptions. Such rapid, nationwide implementation of this program is tantamount to experimenting on Medicare beneficiaries. The program must be rescinded until more evidence is collected on appropriate strategies to improve care for these patients—rather than chase near-term cost cuts at their expense.

We hope that you consider sending a letter to Congressional leaders. We have taken the liberty of including a sample letter on our website.

Download (DOCX, 15KB)

NHF-sponsored Study Says Migraines May Worsen for Patients with Asthma

Individuals with asthma who also experience episodic or occasional migraine may be more likely to develop chronic migraine, according to a National Headache Foundation-sponsored study, recently published online in the journal Headache.

“If you have asthma along with episodic or occasional migraine, then your headaches are more likely to evolve into a more disabling form known as chronic migraine,” said Vincent Martin, MD, professor of medicine in UC’s Division of General Internal Medicine, co-director of the Headache and Facial Pain Program at the UC Neuroscience Institute and lead author in the study. Dr. Martin is Vice President of the National Headache Foundation. Continue Reading