Reader’s Mail: Low Testosterone Levels and Cluster Headaches

Q. I have had bad headaches for years. I was not making any progress with the doctors I was seeing and most of the time the medicines they put me on made me have other health issues. I did some research on my own and read where low testosterone levels could cause headaches. I started working out and purchased some steroids. I took a small amount for six weeks and didn’t have any headaches during that time and for about three weeks after the last injection. I found a new doctor and showed him what I was taking. He warned me about the affects of steroids and had me go off for six weeks. He then tested my testosterone level and it was 65. He prescribed an androgel that did help, but I have started having headaches again. Can you give any guidance? Continue Reading

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral_valve_prolapse_2Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a common heart condition, and in most persons does not cause symptoms. It results from a fluttering of the valve on the left side of the heart, between the small chamber (atrium) and the large chamber that pumps blood to the body (ventricle).

Some patients can experience chest pain, rapid heartbeat, and anxiety from MVP and are treated with medication. In some severe cases, valvular replacement may be needed.

The relationship between headache and mitral valve prolapse is uncertain, although there have been reports of MVP being more common in migraine sufferers.