Headache Sufferers’ Diet

The first step in the nutritional management of diet-triggered headaches is eating a well-balanced diet. It is especially important to eat three meals a day with a snack at night or 6 small meals spread though out the day.  You should include a good protein source at each meal/snack (i.e. milk, meat, fish) and should avoid eating high sugar foods by themselves, especially when excessively hungry. These actions will help to prevent the ‘hunger headache’.

If you are taking an MAOI drug (i.e Nardil, Parmate) you need to follow a low-tyramine diet. Continue Reading

Sharing My Headache Story with NHF – Carol F.

I had my first migraine at age seventeen. I suffered with the pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light. Over the next 20 years, I went from doctor to doctor looking for relief. I was put on Inderal as a preventative, which worked for a few years. Soon enough, though, it stopped being effective. I was given Midrin for the headaches, which, again, worked for a few years before it stopped working also. Eventually, I was referred to the Headache Clinic in Chicago. I became a patient of one of the physicians there. Over the next eighteen years, I was put on twenty five different preventatives. Initially, I was tried on Nardil, which is a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI) drug. It worked wonders. I felt like a new person. For two years, I was almost headache free. Eventually, though, it stopped being effective, too. Finally, two years ago I was put on Marplan, which is another MAOI. So far it is working. I feel really good right now. And I still see the Chicago physician.

Recently, I contacted the NHF to start a Headache Education and Support group (HES/g), here in Huntsville, AL. With their help, we are going forward with this new group and our first meeting will be in September 2010. I hope to share my story and my knowledge of headache treatments with fellow headache sufferers.