Plant-Based Diet Shows Some Promise for Migraineurs


Diet may affect migraines for a variety of reasons, and a group of Washington, D.C. researchers recently found that a low-fat, plant-based diet may be beneficial to migraineurs.

The researchers, generally affiliated with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), randomly selected 42 migraineurs, who either received a placebo supplement for 16 weeks or ate a vegan diet (a diet with no animal products) for the same time period. A several-week phase was included in which the subjects eliminated common dietary triggers. After a 4-week period of no treatment, the groups switched to the other treatment modality. Continue Reading

Contraceptive Vaginal Ring May Reduce Migraines

When treated with a low-dose of hormones from a contraceptive device, women with migraine with aura and menstrual-related migraine experienced significant improvement in both disorders.

These results in a recent study bring potentially good news for many women, but the lead author of the study, Anne Calhoun, MD, of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, tempered her enthusiasm.

“I first urge caution,” she told Reuters Health, stressing that the study was small—just 23 subjects—and intended to guide future research. “Good science requires larger and more rigorous trials before definitive conclusions can be gained.” Continue Reading

Migraine May Provide Protection from Breast Cancer

The hormonal activity that makes some women more susceptible to migraine may also protect them from breast cancer. A new study has found that women with migraine have a significantly reduced risk for breast cancer compared to women without migraine. The risk of both ductal and lobular breast cancer was 21% lower in premenopausal migraineurs and 26% lower in postmenopausal migraineurs. Continue Reading