Reader’s Mail: Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Some Patients

Q. My son suffers from terrible cluster headaches. I read about a rechargeable battery-powered electrode device that is the size of a matchstick and is being called the latest headache cure. When implanted in the back of the neck, it sends signals that reduce the pain by as much as 95% for patients with chronic headaches. Can this device be used to treat people who suffer from cluster headaches? Continue Reading

Childhood Abuse Increases Likelihood of a Host of Medical Conditions

Mistreatment during childhood can lead to physical as well as emotional pain throughout a lifetime. According to research from the American Headache Society’s Women’s Issues Section Research Consortium, people who endure physical or emotional abuse have a higher prevalence of migraine and chronic headaches. They also have more comorbid conditions, ranging from arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome. Continue Reading

The Culprit in Your Headache Pain

If you live with chronic headache pain, then you know that it can be a serious “culprit” in your life, forcing you to miss work, social functions, and even in some cases, creating feelings of depression or failure. Pain is the basis for many discussions that headache sufferers have at NHF co-sponsored headache education and support group (HES/G) meetings, as well as with their healthcare providers, insurance companies, and family members and friends.

For certain, chronic headache pain has been the culprit of many a ruined relationship and the loss of income. Chronic headache pain creates a reality that is difficult to accept. Everyone—including family members and supportive friends—has experienced some degree of pain at some point, but when your pain controls your life, or when your pain sets up a parameter of fear, check out what the NHF offers by way of support options to assist you. Continue Reading

Acupuncture Found Useful in Treating Headache

Adding acupuncture to your strategies for headache prevention may be beneficial, especially for people who suffer from chronic headaches, according to German researchers who completed one of the largest studies so far on using acupuncture to treat headache. Their results were published in the September issue of the journal Cephalalgia. Continue Reading

Overweight Children Face More Headaches

Children who are overweight are more likely to have more frequent and disabling headaches than their average-weight peers, according to the first study exploring the links between obesity and headaches in children, published online in Headache. In fact, the heavier the child, the worse the headaches. On the other hand, these same kids can significantly reduce headache attacks by losing weight. Continue Reading