Reader’s Mail: Migraine Pain Commonly Refers to the Neck

Q. I have been getting daily headaches for almost a year now. When a really bad one hits, it lasts for more than 4 days and gets more intense right after eating. I feel like it makes my neck so tender that it hurts, and it feels like I am suffocating when I have my neck against anything (lying on a pillow, wearing a scarf, etc). I have no idea what is the trigger for the headaches, but my brain is buzzing all the time. My joints feel tender in my neck after the headache starts. I did get in a car accident almost 2 years ago and had a stiff neck, but didn’t have headaches until about 8 months after the wreck, so I don’t see any correlation. Continue Reading

Preventive Medication, Stress Reduction May Help with Chronic Headache

Q. I’ve had chronic daily headaches for more than four years. I just cannot get relief. I have tension headaches that typically start at the same time each day. Recently, I’ve been having more and more nausea and visual problems. I fear I may have rebound headache from using ibuprofen nearly daily for so long.

I would like to know if there is an invasive but guaranteed method for eliminating head pain so I can have my life back. I’m doing a trial with an implant in my forehead, but I haven’t gotten the results I was hoping for. I am now hoping my doctor will allow me to try again with an occipital area implant. Continue Reading

Concussion Leads to Frequent Headache for Soldiers

One in five soldiers who sustained a concussion in Afghanistan or Iraq developed headaches on a daily or near daily basis, a new study has shown.

Concussion is a common injury for those fighting in Afghanistan and was for soldiers in Iraq as well. Headache frequently follows a concussion, and a new study conducted at the Madigan Traumatic Brain Injury Program at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Wash., has shown just how pervasive post-concussion headache is for wounded U.S. troops. Continue Reading

Reader’s Mail: Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Some Patients

Q. My son suffers from terrible cluster headaches. I read about a rechargeable battery-powered electrode device that is the size of a matchstick and is being called the latest headache cure. When implanted in the back of the neck, it sends signals that reduce the pain by as much as 95% for patients with chronic headaches. Can this device be used to treat people who suffer from cluster headaches? Continue Reading