Phenobarbital is a barbiturate (tranquilizer) type medication, which is frequently used in seizure disorders. Phenobarbital sometimes is used in headache patients for the treatment of analgesic rebound and in some patients as a preventative.

Analgesic Rebound (Medication Overuse Headache)


Analgesic agents are prescription or over-the-counter medications used to control pain including migraine and other types of headaches. When used on a daily or near daily basis, these analgesics can perpetuate the headache process. They may decrease the intensity of the pain for a few hours; however, they appear to feed into the pain system in such a way that chronic headaches may result. The medication overuse headache (MOH) may feel like a dull, tension-type headache or may be a more severe migraine-like headache. Other medication taken to prevent or treat the headaches may not be effective while analgesics are being overused. MOH can occur with most analgesics but are more likely with products containing caffeine or butalbital. Continue Reading