Migraine with Aura

Classic migraine is differentiated from migraine without aura or common migraine by the occurrence of a warning or aura prior to the acute attack. The aura is typically a visual abnormality lasting 20-30 minutes. The headache usually follows immediately although the aura can accompany the headache.

The migraine with aura is similar to migraine without aura with the usual head pain and associated symptoms of nausea/vomiting, intolerance to light and sound, throbbing and worsening by physical activity.

Frovatriptan – Frova

Frovatriptan succinate is the latest of the medications collectively referred to as the “triptans” to be approved by the FDA for treatment of acute migraine headache attacks.

The drug has been studied extensively in dose-ranging trials and double-blind placebo trials, controlled for efficacy and safety. Continue Reading