Stay Informed: Headache and Migraine Headlines

December 2016

Research – Real-Life Data in 115 Chronic Migraine Patients Treated with Onabotulinumtoxin A during More than One Year

A recent study published in Headache: The Journal of Headache Face Pain suggests the discontinuation of acute medication overuse and oral preventive therapies is possible in long-term using of OnabotA for chronic migraine patients.

Article – Dwyane Wade’s Migraine Headache is Gone — For Now

Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade talks about his life with migraine after missing part of a game due to the disease. Read more in the Chicago Tribune.

Article – Do I Have a Headache or a Migraine?

A small panel breaks down the differences between a headache and a migraine. Learn more about the differences on Longevity Live.

Article – This Wine-Filter Could Cure Your Headache

Wine is a common headache trigger, but this company is looking at a filter to remove sulfites and, possibly, reduce the risk of wine triggering a headache. Read more on

Article – Migraine Drugs May Repeat Rheumatoid Arthritis Success

The market for migraine drugs may be in a similar situation as the rheumatoid arthritis drug market was at about 20 years ago. Read more on

Article – The Year in Migraine and Cluster Headache Research

Hans-Cristoph Diener, MD, PhD reviews the year in research for migraine and cluster headache for

Research – Balance Impairments in Different Subgroups of Patients with Migraine

This study looks at the relationship migraine patients have with balance impairments. Learn more in the online edition of Headache: The Journal of Headache Face Pain.

Video – Migraine 101: A 3-Step Guide to Managing Headaches

This video from Stanford Health Care looks at what triggers migraines and how to cope.

Research – Nerve Blocks Safe, Effective in Older Headache Patients

Results from a study show peripheral nerve blocks in geriatric patients may provide safe, effective treatments. Read more about the study on

Article – 3 Letters That Explain Why President Obama Is Signing the Cures Act

On December 13, President Obama signed into law the 21st Century Cures Act, legislation that hopes to bring about medical breakthroughs. For those with headache and migraine, they can hope to see devices and treatments developed and approved faster by the FDA. Read more about the Cures Act and the motivation behind it at

Research – When Cervical Pain is Actually Migraine: An Observational Study in 207 Patients

A recent study published in Cephalalgia suggest patients with cervical pain are often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. This has an economic impact on the health care system and patients.

Article – How Migraine Sufferers can Avoid Trip to ER

Premier Health has steps for avoiding an unnecessary trip to the ER. Read more at the Dayton Daily News.

Article – For Migraine Sufferers The Holidays Can Be One Big Headache

As some one who has migraine, you may think the holidays are an especially difficult time of year. CBS New York has a couple of explanations.

Article – Sinus Headache or Sign-us Up for a Migraine Consultation

There is often confusion among patients on the differences between sinus headache and migraine. Harvard Health Blogs has three tips for telling the difference and tells you why it’s important for you to know.

Article – This New Drug Promises Fewer Days a Month with Migraine

The Verge looks at promising new migraine drugs in development.

Article – Reducing the Risk of Prescription Painkiller Addiction in Migraine Sufferers

Addiction to painkillers is a global problem, and simply having migraines can lead to a path to addition. Read more about the search for an effective solution that avoids painkillers at The Hill.

Article – Migraine and Weather Change

A 2013 NHF study shows nearly 75% of individuals with migraine are affected by weather or barometric changes. Consumer Reports looks into the role the weather plays with your migraine.

November 2016

Article – Dr. Anthony Alessi: Athletes Particularly Susceptible to Migraine

Athletes are not immune from the effects of migraine and should take extra precautions. Read more from about athletes and migraines in this article in The Bulletin.

Research – Announcing our New Research Grant!

The Migraine Research Foundation recently announced three grantees. Read more about their projects.

Article – Boost for Migraine Research

Migraine research in New Zealand has received a big financial boost. Read more about the research of Professor Deborah Hay at the University of Auckland in this The Weekend Sun article.

Press Release – Alder BioPharma (ALDR) Commences Second Pivotal Eptinezumab Phase 3 in Migraines

Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. recently announced the initiation of the second Phase 3 trial of eptinezumab, which was formerly known as ALD403. Read more in this press release at

Article – SHS: Anti-CGRP Drugs Move Forward in Migraine

After a toxicity-induced setback, anti-CGRP drugs continue to move toward approval. Read more on

Press Release – Cluster Headaches: Painful but Treatable and Preventable

Cluster headaches are extremely painful, but can be treatable when correctly diagnosed. Read this press release from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Article – ANA: Ask Kids with Headache to Draw a Picture of It

Researchers at the annual American Neurological Association meeting suggest healthcare providers should have children who present with headache to draw a picture of it. The picture could help providers recognize a headache associated with pseudotumor cerebri syndrome or migraine. Read more on

Press Release – Migraine Linked to Increased Stroke Risk in Women

A preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016 shows women with migraine are twice as likely to suffer a stroke than women who do not have a history of migraine. Read more about the study in this American Heart Association press release.

Column – All Headaches Are Not Created Equal

Many people with fibromyalgia also suffer from headaches. Columnist Robin Nix has advice for those with fibromyalgia and headache on

Press Release – Migraine Breakthrough at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University could lead to Improved Drugs

Fan Bu, a PhD student at Xi’an Jiaotongo-Liverpool University, has found an unknown mechanism, which plays a key role in migraine. Read more about Bu’s finding in this press release from PR Newswire.

Article – How Serious is my Headache? Knowing When to to Call the Doctor Could Save Your Life

While 80% of adults suffer from headaches at least occasionally, knowing the type of headache you have and when to seek treatment can be a huge relief. Linda Carroll at describes common headache types and symptoms.

Video – Month-long Migraines Lead Some to Find Treatment in Piercing Parlors

Many have tried daith piercing for migraine relief. Watch the story on KTHV in some Little Rock, Arkansas of residents who have tried it.

Article – Think Like a Doctor: The Painter’s Headache Solved!

The New York Times asks readers to try to determine the diagnosis for this patient with headache.

Article – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Migraines (but Were in Too Much Pain to Ask)

Despite its prevalence, migraine remains poorly understood with few adequate treatments. The Guardian has everything you ever wanted to know about migraine.

Research – Occipital Nerve Stimulation Reduces Headache Days

Patients with chronic migraine may benefit from peripheral nerve stimulation of the occipital nerves, according to a recent study. Read about the study published in Pain Practice.

Article – New Research Will Help Predict, Treat, Long-Lasting Debilitating Migraines

The Migraine Research Foundation recently awarded Dr. Brian Grosberg, medical director of the Hartford HealthCare Headache Program, a $250,000 grant to fund research on status migrainosus. Read more about Dr. Grosberg’s research and the grant on

Drug Release – Dr. Reddy’s Promius Launches Zembrace SymTouch in U.S. to Treat Acute Migraine

Those with migraine have another tool available to them – Zembrace SymTouch is a low-dose sumatriptan autoinjector. Read more about this new prescription medication at

October 2016

Research – UC Researchers Affirm Diet Can Impact Migraines

A review of more than 180 research studies on impact and migraine show that there are two different approaches to preventing headaches with diet. Read more about the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine review.

Article – Two Drugs for Adult Migraines May Not Help Children

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine show that two drugs often used to treat migraines in adult are not effective on children. Read more about the study in The New York Times.

Research – ANA: Schizophrenia Drug May Have Migraine Benefit

A study shows the antipsychotic drug ziprasidone may help migraine patients who have not responded to other treatments. Read more about this study presented at the American Neurological Association.

Article – For Migraine Sufferers, Is a Chiropractor’s Touch All in the Mind?

A small study suggests the relief migraine patients get from the help of a chiropractor may be a result of the placebo effect. Read more on

Q&A – Oxygen Saves Man from “Suicide Headaches”

This Q&A includes a cluster headache patient who has benefited from the use of oxygen. Read the entire Q&A on

Research – Caffeine Discontinuation Improves Acute Migraine Treatment

A recent study shows that abstaining from caffeine is associated with improved efficacy of migraine treatment. Read more about the study published in the Journal of Headache and Pain.

Article – Primary Headache Patients Diagnosed with More Comorbidities Have High Healthcare Costs, Research Shows

Research presented at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Nexus shows adult patients with primary headache have one or more comorbidities, including tinnitus, anxiety, and asthma. Read more about the study presented at AMCP on

Research – A Change in Diet Could Help Stop Your Migraines

A study shows that the high-fat, low-carb diet, the ketogenic diet, could significantly reduce the number of headaches. Read more on

Article – A Migraine May Change Your Brain

A study published in Neurology suggests migraine may permanently alter your brain structure. Read more about migraine and this study on

Research – Migraine Sufferers Have More Nitrate-Reducing Microbes in the Mouth

Researchers at University of California San Diego have found that individuals with migraine have more microbes that turn nitrates into nitrites. Read more about the study.

Video – Exploring the Migraine and Thyroid Connection

NHF President Dr. Vincent Martin explores the migraine and thyroid connection on Fox 19 Cincinnati. Watch the video.

Article – Visits to Pediatric Emergency Departments for Headache Pain in Children are on the Rise

Evidence suggests that there has been a steady of children presenting with headaches since 2007.  Read more about the results of this study that was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2016 National Conference & Exhibition.

Article – Lifetime migraine sufferer finally finds relief with hospital’s treatment plan

Jacquelyn Bell, a migraine sufferer, and her doctor visited the MEGA Brain display at Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn to discuss how migraines affect her. Read more about Bell and how she promoted awareness at the MEGA Brain display in Press & Guide.

Article – Amgen Migraine Drug Likely to Beat Eli Lilly, Alder, Teva to Market

Amgen’s anti-CGRP drug, AMG 334, is likely to beat its competitors to market. Read more about Amgen’s Phase 3 trial results on

September 2016

Article – How Your Computer May Cause a Headache

Computers can trigger headaches in a couple of ways. has strategies for alleviating or coping with these triggers.

Article – What to Do when the Painful Effects of a Migraine Take Hold

Dr. Steven Grenell, a neurologist, has some advice for calming the pain of migraine. Read more in this article.

Article – Ketamine May Be Useful in Migraine, Chronic Pain

A presentation at American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM) 2016 Annual Meeting suggests intranasal ketamine can reduce severity of aura and can be safe effective for migraine pain. Read more about the Duren Michael Ready, MD’s presentation in Medscape Medical News.

Press Release – Suffering From Headaches?  You May Be at Increased Risk for a Thyroid Condition

A study conducted by the University of Cincinnati and available in the online edition of Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain suggests headache disorders are a risk factor for the development of hypothyroidism. Read more about the study in the press release from Newswise.

Video – Fall Headache Triggers

Headache sufferers generally have more attacks in spring and fall. In this video, National Headache Foundation President Dr. Vincent Martin discusses three fall headache triggers on AMHQ.

Article – Your Loved One Has Migraines

Migraine affects not only the person who has it but also their friends and families. Dr. Deborah Friedman tries to help those who have a loved on with migraine in Headache.

Article – The Drug Industry Might Finally Have an Answer for Migraine

Amgen, Eli Lilly, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals — have created anti-CGRP drugs designed to treat migraines. Read more about the development of these drugs on

Q&A – Statins for Migraine Prevention

Question: For patients who do not respond to first-line migraine prevention treatments, are statins an effective option? Read the answer from Andrea G. Scott, PharmD, MPH on

Video – Hardship and Hope: Migraine Sufferers Tell Their Stories

People with migraine share their experiences and explain what gives them hope for greater understanding, empathy and relief in the future. Watch this video on Reuters and sponsored by Excedrin.

Article – Novartis Reports Positive Phase II Data on Migraine Drug

Novartis announced results from a phase II study on migraine candidate AMG334 at the European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress in Glasgow, Scotland. Read more about the latest results from the study on Yahoo Finance.

Article – Theranica Raises Seed Round for Nerivio Migra Wearable Migraine Device

Israel-based Theranica said in September 2016 that it closed a seed financing round led by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and joined by a group of angel investors. The company is developing the Nerivio Migra, a disposable neuromodulation patch designed to treat migraine. Read more about Theranica on

Article – Sound Waves: An Rx for High Blood Pressure, Migraine?

A new sound-based therapy appears to reduce blood pressure and ease migraine symptoms, according to two studies. Read more about these two studies on

Article – Headache Specialists Explore Underlying Causes, Personalized Treatments

Patients and their doctors are paying more attention to what triggers migraine and other types of headaches and then developing strategies to avoid them. Read more about the changes to personalized treatment in this article from Hartford Magazine.

Article – Migraines Were Taken More Seriously in Medieval Times—Where Did We Go Wrong?

Historical descriptions of migraine (starting in c. 129- c. 216/217) reveal that migraine has lost legitimacy over time. The author’s research into the history of migraine spans from the medieval to the early modern period and shows that people took migraine seriously—probably more seriously than people do now. Read more about the research of Katherine Foxhall, a lecturer in history at the University of Leicester.

Press Release – Seven Million Australians Suffer from Migraine and Tension Headache Pain

National Headache and Migraine Week begins in Australia on September 12, 2016. While headache and migraine sufferers in America will not be able to join Headache Australia and the Brain Foundation’s National Headache Register, American sufferers can look forward to studies done from the register. Read more about National Headache and Migraine Week in Australia.

Article – Migraine Aura Tied to Cognitive Impairment

Migraine without aura may be associated with subclinical dysfunction and altered executive functioning, according to a recent study published in The Journal of Headache and Pain. Read more about the results of this study on

Article – Feel Your Pain: The Health Risk of Migraines and Men

While migraines tend to affect more women, migraines in men do happen. An estimated 9% of men are regular sufferers. Read this article on Harvard Health Publications.

Research – Increased Migraine Risk in Osteoporosis Patients: A Nationwide Population-Based Study

A study looking at the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research database indicates that patients with a history of osteoporosis had a higher risk of migraine. The study was published in the journal Springer Plus. Read more about the results of the study.