Stay Informed: Headache and Migraine Headlines

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Stay informed on the last goings-on in the world of headache and migraine. Read the latest research, commentary, analysis, and more.

January 2017

Article – Notes: Fenner Fends Off Migraine for Career-Best 30 Points

Nevada senior D.J. Fenner had a great game battling a migraine. “At the end of shoot-around I saw a lightning bolt stuck behind my eye and I knew a migraine was coming,” he told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Article – The Heroism of Incremental Care

In health care, many resources are devoted to intensive procedures, such as surgery; however, the steady care that often helps people more is often ignored. The New Yorker looks at incremental care and its impact on specific diseases, such as migraine.

Article – How to Help Clients Sideline by Migraines

Migraines can be a challenge for employees and employers. Employee Benefit Adviser has tips for supporting workers with migraine.

Article – The Intersection between Hope and Acceptance

Holly Baddour writes about what life is like for a migraine when it comes to opening up to the idea of improvement. Read how she handles hope and acceptance on

Article – Managing Kids’ Headaches: What Parents Should Know

About 20% of school-aged children experience headaches. If your child is one of them, learn what you can and should do from this Practical Pain Management article.

Research – Migraine Associated with Perioperative Ischemic Stroke

Surgical patients with a history of migraine are at an increased risk for perioperative ischemic stroke, according to a study. Read more about the study published in The British Medical Journal.

Research – Migraine Relief After Chiropractic Manipulation Likely a Placebo Effect

A recent trial on the effects of manual therapy on headaches shows this therapy is as effective as placebo. Read more about the study in Neurology Advisor.

Research – Study Relationship Between Multiple Sclerosis and Migraine

It seems there is a positive association between MS and migraine, according to a recent study. Read more about the study in the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences

Article – Migraine Headache: Help is Possible

Acute pain relief is important for migraine patients, but there are other things people with migraine can do. Contemporary Clinic looks at the goals, treatments, and how asking the right questions can help you.

Article – Man Finds Migraine Relief, Victory in Running

After a car accident caused him to have daily migraines, Bill Rowland found relief in running. Read more about Rowland in The Journal News.

Analysis (Paid) – Still No Migraine Relief for Kids

Anita Slomski, MA looks at a recent trial that concluded some treatments were less effective than placebo in children. The article can be read in the JAMA.

Article – So THAT’S Why Red Wine Gives You a Headache

Red wine is a common headache trigger. The Huffington Post looks at what causes this headache and how some of them may be avoided.

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