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August 2017

Article – New Drugs in Development May Offer Serious Relief from Migraines

Amgen, Eli Lilly & Co., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals each have a CGRP product in the works, but only Amgen has submitted an application for FDA approval, so far. Read more at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Research – Acupressure Not Effective as Adjunctive Therapy to Sodium Valproate for Chronic Migraine with Aura

Based on a study published in Medicine, individuals with chronic migraine with aura may not benefit from acupressure as an adjunctive therapy to sodium valproate. Read more about the study in Clinical Pain Advisor.

Article – Migraine Management: Warning Signs, Prevention and Treatment

The Marshfield Clinic has tips for managing your migraine. Read more in the Marshfield News-Herald.

Research – High Compliance, Satisfaction with Onabotulinumtoxin A for Migraine

A study published in Journal of Headache and Pain found most headache centers in Italy followed the recommended guidelines for the use of onabotulinumtoxin A. Read more about this study and what it means for patients on Neurology Advisor.

Video – Robert Shapiro, MD – The Fight for Migraine Research Funding

Robert Shapiro, MD speaks on the need for more research funding at the Association of Migraine Disorders’ annual Mad Hatter Party. Watch his presentation on YouTube.

Q & A – Another Migraine? Try a Milkshake

For some, an icy-cold drink can relieve the pain of a migraine. Read more at The Seattle Times.

Article – Understanding the Difference between Headaches and Migraines

Knowing the difference between the two is important for deciding on the right treatment. Read more at the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Article – 4 Your Health: Treating Migraines through the Ears; Quick Response Times when Treating Heart Attacks

British researchers have found that stimulating the ear canals with alternating currents of warm and cool water can help migraines. Learn more at

Article – How Headache Pain Happens and What Can Help

If you experience a new headache or worsening symptoms, you should seek medical attention. More on headache and migraine from the Dayton Daily News.

Video – Low Vitamin D Levels Increases the Risk for Chronic Headaches

Alan Jacobs, MD discusses a study from the University of Eastern Finland that found a relationship between vitamin D status and the risk of headache. Watch the video at

Article – Think Smart About Your Headaches

Knowing what type of headache you have can help you get the right treatment. Read more in Parade.

Research – Evaluating Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity During Migraine Headache

According to a study published in Headache, overall blood flow velocity remains unchanged during a migraine. Read more about the study in Neurology Advisor.

Article – Common but Much Ignored: How Migraines and Other Headache Disorders Impact Life

For many headache pain is temporary and not debilitating, so we tend to not take them seriously. Read more at The News Minute.

Research – Study: Mayo Clinic Overprescribing Opioids After Surgery

An internal study found the Mayo Clinic was overprescribing opiods after surgery, and based on new guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, physicians are encouraged to avoid prescribing opioids for headache and migraine. Read more at the Post Bulletin.

July 2017

Article – Unfazed by Competition, Allergan Sees Room at CGRP Table

The FDA could approve CGRP-targeting drugs in May and there is a lot of competition. Read more at

Q&A – Will Psilocybin Prevent Cluster Headaches?

Joe Gradeon, MS and Teresa Graedon, PhD answers in the Houston Chronicle.

Video – Promising New Migraine Drug Could Reach Market By Spring

Dr. Mark Lenaerts discusses the development of CGRP-targeting drugs. Learn more at KXTV.

News – FDA to Review BLA for Amgen-Novartis Migraine Prevention Treatment

The FDA has accepted for review the Biologics License Application (BLA) of Amgen and Novartis for the their CGRP drug. Read more at

Research – Migraine Relieved With Deactivation of Trigger Sites

A recent study demonstrates the efficacy of reducing occipital-triggered migraine by surgical deactivation of trigger sites. Read more about the study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Neurology Advisor.

Video – Morning Rounds: Forecasting Migraine, Advance Healthcare Directives

There’s a new model to forecast migraine. Watch this CBS News Video.

Article – Here’s How to Predict When You’ll Get a Migraine, According to Science

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital believe they have found a way of measuring stress that could potentially predict when a migraine will occur. Read more in the Reader’s Digest.

Video – New Headache, Migraine Service Available at Bell Hospital

Bell Hospital in Ishpeming, Michigan is offering new services for individuals with headache and migraine. Watch the WLUC video to learn what services are now available and the impact this could have in the area.

Video – Doctors Find New Ways to Treat Migraine Pain with Green LED Lights

Some lights can trigger a migraine, but a recent study shows an LED light may give you migraine relief. Watch the KABC video to learn more.

Article – Migraines Could Be Predicted with New Stress Model

A new model may help individuals with migraine to predict when an attack may occur. Read more in Medical News Today.

Article – A Woman’s Search for Relief from Migraines

Melanie Grossi has had migraines since she was 12 years old. The Herald-News tells her story.

Article – Tips for Avoiding Summer Migraines and Headache

For individuals with headache or migraine, the summer can be a tough time of year. The New Irmo News has tips from a specialist at the Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group for managing triggers.

Article – Headaches: Sinus vs. Migraine

Sinus headaches are often over-diagnosed. For more on sinus headache and migraine from Dr. Brian McDonough, visit CBS Philly.

Article – Migraine Man

More women than men have migraine; however, men are still under-represented in the migraine community. One man tells his story at

Research – ‘Real-World’ Botox Use for Migraine Yields Positive Results

A study presented at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology 2017  shows Botox for chronic migraine is effective with no new safety signals. Read more about this study that two-thirds of patients say they are satisfied with at

Article – Hamden Educator, Milford Resident is ‘Moving Beyond Migraine’ in Her Daily Life

Jennifer Vienneau has become an ambassador for those with migraine after being featured in a video on WebMD. Read more at The New Haven Register.

Research – Treating Sublinical Hypothyroidism May Help Migraine

Patients with migraine and subclinical hypothyroidism who receive thyroid treatments may have fewer and less severe migraine attacks. Read more about the findings presented at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology 2017 at

June 2017

Article – What to Do About Children’s Migraines

Timing is very important when it comes to children with migraine, according to Dr. Howard Jacobs. Read about his study on children with migraine at

Video – June is Migraine Awareness Month

“When it affects your ability to function you know, and you have to go lay in a dark room, that’s usually a migraine,” said Dr. Nancy Griffin, a neurologist in Texarkana, Texas. Watch the video at

Research – Robust Association Between Migraine and Sleep Apnea

Patients with chronic migraine have an increased risk for sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances, according to a recent study presented at the European Academy of Neurology. Read more at

Article – Migraine Study: Light Does More than Just Make the Headache Worse

It’s not just the light that makes the pain of migraine worse, it triggers other reactions, too. Learn more on

Article – Eating Your Way Toward Migraine Relief

Between 30-40% of individuals with migraine have food-related triggers. Read more on

Article – Oh My Aching Head: Advice for Headache and Migraine Sufferers

Dr. Susan Mathison has advice for those with headache or migraine. Read some of her advice on

Research – Non-Opioid May Help Eash Migraine

An alternative to opioid may give patients with migraine in the emergency room a better result. Read more about the drug prochlorperazine on

Article – Migraine Headache? Rain Must Be in the Forecast

Jennifer Kriegler, MD has tips for avoiding migraine triggers even though there are triggers you can’t avoid. Read more at

Website – Shades for Migraine

June 21st is World Migraine Solidarity Day. A number of migraine-related organizations are joining together to raise awareness by encouring people with migraine to wear sunglasses on June 21. Learn more about World Migraine Solidarity Day at

Article – New Device Offers Potential Relief for ‘Suicide Headaches’

For those with cluster headache, relief may be coming in the form of the gammaCore. The device was recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For more information, visit CBS New York.

Article – Migraines and Rosacea May Be Connected, Study Says

The skin can be a window into your body’s health. This may include migraine, according to a study. Read more at the Miami Herald.

Article – Migraine Warning Signs May Differ in Kids, Adults

Migraine is less common in children than adults. When it does present in children, the symptoms are different. Read about the findings of the study presented at the American Headache Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting at U.S. News & World Report.

Research – Migraine in Moms, Not Dads, Linked to Babies with Colic

Research presented at the American Headache Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting suggests a father’s migraine status is not a factor in the association of infants with colic. Read more about this recently presented study on

Article – Migraine, Headache Experts Gather in Boston for Scientific Meeting

The National Headache Foundation, as well as more than 1000 migraine and headache specialists from around the world, will be in Boston this week for the American Headache Society’s 59th Annual Scientific Meeting. Learn more at

May 2017

Article – What is a Cluster Headache? Symptoms and Treatment

Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of cluster headache from

Article – What Your Weight Has to Do with Migraines?

Reader’s Digest looks at a recent study that suggests your weight affects your migraine. Read more here.

Research – Hypothalamus May Play a Central Role in Chronic Migraine

A recent study published in Neurology shows different patterns in hypothalamic activity between episodic and chronic migraine. Read more at the Neurology Advisor.

Research – Chronic Migraine Severity Reduced with Investigational Drug

Research presented at the 2017 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting shows eptinezumab significantly decreased the impact of chronic migraine. Read more at

Article – Study Finds SPG Block Effective for Pediatric Migraine Headaches

Study results presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting shows an SPG block can be safe and effective for children with frequent migraine. Read more at

Press Release – Tips to Lessen Migraine Suffering

As National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month approaches, USA Medical has tips for coping with chronic migraine.

Article – Doc: The Role of Estrogen in Women with Migraine

Dr. Roach answers one woman’s question about how her migraine with aura has changed over time. Read the answer at The Detroit News.

Article – Heptares Nabs $5M from Teva for New Migraine Molecule

London-based Heptares Therapeutics is entering the race for developing a migraine drug that targets the CGRP. Read more at

Article – Don’t Let Migraines Reign on Your Summer

There isn’t necessarily a season where migraines are more common, but summer does present a number of triggers for people with migraine. Read more at the Courier-Post.

Article – Brain Research Fuels New Migraine Treatments

At the recent 2017 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting, there were many conversations about using new insights about the brain to treat migraine in different ways. Read more at

Article – Are Your Migraines Caused by Your Weight?

A new study shows that being overweight or underweight may increase your risk of migraines. Read more at

April 2017

Research – Qudexy XR Gains New Migraine Indication

The FDA has given final approval of for Quedexy XR extended-release capsules for migraine use in adults and children as young as 12 years of age. Read more this and the study planned for children between the ages of 6 and 11 years of age on

Article – Here’s What a Migraine Aura Really Looks Like

Dr. Mark Green discusses the “electrical storm” that is an aura. Read more and view the slideshow on Refinery 29.

Article – A Healthier Weight May Mean Fewer Migraines

A recent study shows weight may have an impact on your risk of migraine. Read more on

Press Release – Allergan Launches Frames of Mind, Encouraging People Living with Migraine to Share Common Experiences Through Art

Frames of Mind, an interactive campaign to promote awareness, was  unveiled by Allergan. Learn more about the campaign on Yahoo Finance.

Article – People with Migraines are 3 Times More Likely to Have Anxiety

A recent study shows migraine has a damaging effect on mental health. Read more on its connection with anxiety on the Huffington Post.

Research – Migraine Linked to Cervical Artery Dissection in Young Patients with Ischemic Stroke

An Italian study shows limited evidence of an association between migraine and cervical artery dissection (CEAD). Read more on

Research – Pain Acceptance Linked with Reduced Disability, Pain Interference in Migraine

A study published in Headache shows that the pain willingness aspect of pain acceptance was associated with less in headache disability and pain interference in women with migraine who were overweight or obese. Read more about the study in Clinical Pain Advisor.

Article – Getting Migraine Help: Treatment Options

Help is available for those with migraine, according to Dr. Juline Bryson; they have to know where to look, though. Read more on

Research – One-Daily Topiramate Approved for Migraine Prophylaxis

The FDA has approved two supplemental new drug applications for topiramate extended-release capsules. Read more about the capsules to prevent migraine in adults and adolescents of 12 years of age or older on

March 2017

Article – Headaches: When Should I See a Doctor?

It’s important to monitor symptoms of your headache to be sure your headaches aren’t more serious or turn into a disaster. Set Shahbabian, MD has tips for when to see a doctor on

Article – Could Grinding Your Teeth Cause Headaches?

Bruxism (or grinding teeth) is a common problem and can trigger headaches or migraines. Read more about grinding teeth and the potential relationship with headaches on

Research – Humanistic and Economic Burden of Nausea and Vomiting among Migraine Sufferers

This study published in Journal of Pain Research differentiates the economic burden for those with migraine and those with migraine who have symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Read the study.

Research – Self-Controlled Electric Stimulation a Good Alternative to Drug Therapy for Migraine

Remote electrical stimulation can be an effective alternative treatment for acute migraine, according to the results of a study reported in Neurology. Read more about the study at Neurology Advisor.

Article – Don’t Let Migraines Derail Your Career

Individuals with migraine are often forced to ask themselves, “how am I going to get through the work day?” Morra Aarons-Mele has some advice for some things that worked for her in Harvard Business Review.

Video – Women’s Health: Women, Headaches and Migraines

Migraine got some attention on Fox 8 in North Carolina this month. Watch the “House Calls” segment on women and migraine.

Article – What It Really Feels Like to Have a Migraine

Five sufferers describe what migraines feel like to them. Read what they had to say on

Article – Common Headaches May Indicate Serious Medical Conditions

Headaches can indicate a more serious condition and it is important to know when to seek medical attention. Read more from the Deccan Chronicle.

Q&A – Migraine Associated with Cervical Artery Dissection in Some Young Adults

Alessandro Pezzini, MD, FESO is interviewed about the study looking at migraine and the risk of cartoid arterydissection. Read the interview on

Article – Some Migraine Tied to Artery Tears in Neck

Men and patients under 39, who suffer migraines, may be at risk for tears in the neck arteries. This rare issue can increase the risk of stroke, according to a study, discussed on

Article – Nasal ‘Nerve Block’ May Help Ease Kids’ Migraines

Children with migraine may find some relief from nasal nerve blocks, but one expert says it is not without risk. Read for more information.

Article – Migraine “Smart” Patch Tested to Help Ease Pain

A recent study shows that a wireless arm patch may be promising for new treatment for migraine. Read more on CBS News.

February 2017

Article – Eating Vegetable Oils Could Lead to Fatigue, Migraines and Dementia

Dr. Catherine Shanahan, author of the a new diet book, says vegetable oils can cause a lot of problems in the body, including migraine. Read more about vegetable oil and migraine in the New York Post.

Article – When Should You See a Doctor for Headaches or Migraine?

At least 50% of adults had a headache in the last year, according to the World Health Organization, but not all headaches are equal. Knowridge Science Report has more information on when you should seek a healthcare professional for your headache.

Article – Finding Relief from Migraines

News Channel 3 in Memphis looks at migraine.

Article – Acupuncture Might Help Prevent Migraines

Individuals with a specific kind of migraine may find relief from regular acupuncture treatments. Reuters looks at this recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Video – New Class of Drugs Could Help Ease Pain of Migraines

CGRP drugs nearing FDA approval. NBC News looks at this drug that could be life-changing but also expensive.

Update – Treating Migraines: More Ways to Fight the Pain

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has updated its page for consumers about migraine to include more information about devices. Read the update here.

Article – What It Feels Like to Experience the Most “Paralyzing, Excruciating, Knockout” Pain

Four men with cluster headaches describe how agonizing the headache can be. Read Men’s Health for more about their story.

Article – Teva’s Drug Pipeline Could Contain Blockbusters

Teva is moving forward with a number of new drugs, including two for migraine. Read more in Globes.

January 2017

Research – Hormonal Contraceptive Use Linked to Stroke in Migraine With Aura

Women using combined hormonal contraceptives and have migraine with aura are more likely to have an ischemic stroke. Learn more about this recent research at

Article – Is it Sinus Headache or Migraine?

Detecting the subtle differences between sinus headache and migraine can be difficult. The Deming Headlight looks at some of the major differences.

Article – 4 Things You Need to Stop Eating and Drinking If You Suffer From Migraines

NHF President Vincent Martin, MD has some diet advice for those with migraine based on a University of Cincinnati study. Read what foods to avoid in Woman’s Day.

Article – You’re Not Crazy, Trump Really Is Giving You More Migraines

The contentious 2016 election led to more migraines, according to a survey. Read more at

Research – Sphenopalatine Ganglion Stimulation May Help Treat, Prevent Cluster Headache

A follow-up to the Pathway Cluster Headache (CH)-1 trial reported in the Journal of Headache and Pain suggests Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) stimulation has long-term benefits. Read some more about this on

Press Release – Allergan Continues Commitment to Future of Headache Medicine with Educational Grants for Young Neurologists and Research Scientists

The International Headache Academy is an intensive program aimed to improving education and patient care for young neurologists and researchers. Allergan will continue to support this program, according to a press release.

Press Release – Lilly and CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Announce Agreement for Lilly to Acquire CoLucid

CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, a company developing a drug for the acute treatment of migraine, was purchased by Eli Lilly and Co. Read more about the agreement in the press release.

Article – Notes: Fenner Fends Off Migraine for Career-Best 30 Points

Nevada senior D.J. Fenner had a great game battling a migraine. “At the end of shoot-around I saw a lightning bolt stuck behind my eye and I knew a migraine was coming,” he told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Article – The Heroism of Incremental Care

In health care, many resources are devoted to intensive procedures, such as surgery; however, the steady care that often helps people more is often ignored. The New Yorker looks at incremental care and its impact on specific diseases, such as migraine.

Article – How to Help Clients Sideline by Migraines

Migraines can be a challenge for employees and employers. Employee Benefit Adviser has tips for supporting workers with migraine.

Article – The Intersection between Hope and Acceptance

Holly Baddour writes about what life is like for a migraine when it comes to opening up to the idea of improvement. Read how she handles hope and acceptance on

Article – Managing Kids’ Headaches: What Parents Should Know

About 20% of school-aged children experience headaches. If your child is one of them, learn what you can and should do from this Practical Pain Management article.

Research – Migraine Associated with Perioperative Ischemic Stroke

Surgical patients with a history of migraine are at an increased risk for perioperative ischemic stroke, according to a study. Read more about the study published in The British Medical Journal.

Research – Migraine Relief After Chiropractic Manipulation Likely a Placebo Effect

A recent trial on the effects of manual therapy on headaches shows this therapy is as effective as placebo. Read more about the study in Neurology Advisor.

Research – Study Relationship Between Multiple Sclerosis and Migraine

It seems there is a positive association between MS and migraine, according to a recent study. Read more about the study in the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences

Article – Migraine Headache: Help is Possible

Acute pain relief is important for migraine patients, but there are other things people with migraine can do. Contemporary Clinic looks at the goals, treatments, and how asking the right questions can help you.

Article – Man Finds Migraine Relief, Victory in Running

After a car accident caused him to have daily migraines, Bill Rowland found relief in running. Read more about Rowland in The Journal News.

Analysis (Paid) – Still No Migraine Relief for Kids

Anita Slomski, MA looks at a recent trial that concluded some treatments were less effective than placebo in children. The article can be read in the JAMA.

Article – So THAT’S Why Red Wine Gives You a Headache

Red wine is a common headache trigger. The Huffington Post looks at what causes this headache and how some of them may be avoided.

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