Headache and Migraine Clinical Trials

This list of clinical trials is available to the National Headache Foundation by ClinicalTrials.gov. The National Headache Foundation does not endorse any of these studies and is not responsible for information on ClinicalTrials.gov. The National Headache Foundation is providing this information as a public service to its members. To better search for a clinical trial in your area or your condition, visit ClinicalTrials.gov and select modify search to narrow the results. Rank Title Recruitment Conditions LINK 1 CGRP’s Cluster Headache Inducing Abilities … read more

Children’s Headache Disorders

When you think about someone having a headache, you probably think of an adult. But many kids have headaches, too, and for some of the very same reasons that adults have them. Children and teens can experience tension-type or migraine headaches. Among school age children ages 5 to 17 in the U.S., 20 percent (10.3 million) are prone to headaches. Approximately 15 % of these kids experience tension-type headaches and 5% are coping with migraines. Chronic or frequent headaches can … read more

Reader’s Mail: Help Is Available for Chronic Daily Migraine

Q. My adult daughter has had a headache for six months. It never goes away, no matter what she takes. Her primary doctor gave her a prescription for a limited number of Vicodin®, which dulls the pain a little, and she takes a muscle relaxant. She had her first migraine with aura at age 20 and until this year only got a migraine about twice a year. I thought she got off easy compared to her oldest sister, who suffered from … read more

Reader’s Mail: New Headache May Be Related to Caffeine

Q: I have been having a mild-to-moderate throbbing pain above my ear that comes and goes. My eye bothers me, too. Two ibuprofens seem to lessen the throbbing. I do drink a lot of coffee with caffeine and am not sure if that’s a factor. I am only worried because I have never had headaches before. How can I be sure I don’t have a tumor or bleeding in the brain?

Kids Korner Archive: Abdominal Migraine

By Donald W. Lewis, M.D. Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, Norfolk, Virginia Q. My child gets stomach pain often enough that I took him to the doctor. To my surprise, the doctor diagnosed my child with abdominal migraine. I don’t get it—he doesn’t even get headaches!