National Headache Foundation’s History of Funding Headache Research

The National Headache Foundation has a long history of funding significant and ground-breaking research about headache and migraine. Here is a list of some of the research funded by the NHF since 2007:

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Principal InvestigatorInstitutionTitleAward Years
Louis Ptacek, MDUniversity of California, San FranciscoSystematic Investigation of the Role of Common Sequence Variation at CSNK1D and GJA1 in the Genetic Etiology of Migraine with Aura2007-2008
Nancy E.J. Berman, PhDUniversity of Kansas Medical CenterPreclinical studies of menstrual migraine2007-2008
Dan Levy, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterOvarian hormone control of meningeal mast cells: possible role in menstrual migraine2007-2008
Andrew Strassman, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterActivity of Meningeal Sensory Neurons: Neural Basis of Nitroglycerin Headache2007-2008
Paul L. Durham, PhDMissouri State UniversityRole of Gap Junctions in Neuronal-Gilal Cell Signaling in Trigeminal Ganglia2007-2008
Paul L. Durham, PhDMissouri State UniversityInterleukin Regulation of CGRP Expression in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons2008-2009
Andrew Strassman, BA, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterActivity of Meningeal Sensory Neurons; Synapic Mechanisms of Central Sensitization2008-2000
Todd J. Schwedt, MDWashington University School of Medicine in St. LouisResting State Functional Connectivity MRI in Patients with Chronic Migraine2008-2009
Dan Levy, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMolecular mechanisms underlying estrogen withdrawal-induced dural Mast cell hyperplasia: implication for menstrual migraine2008-2009
Ana Recober, MDUniversity of IowaDevelopment of a Potential Migraine Mouse Model: hRAMP1 transgenic mice2008-2009
Jill T. Jesurum, PhD, FAHASwedish Medical Center and the University of WashingtonThe Association Between Right-to-Left Shunt and Cognitive Dysfunction in Migraineurs with Aura and Cerebral White Matt Lesions2008-2009
Mark Schumacher, MD, PhDUniversity of California, San FranciscoRegulation of Capsaicin Receptor (TRPV1) expression in meningeal sensory neurons under inflammatory conditions2008-2009
Andrew Strassman, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterActivity of Meningeal Sensory Neurons: Excitatory vs. Inhibitory Mechanisms in Sensitization2009-2010
Kate Carroll, MDNorthwestern Memorial HospitalThe Relation of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (Pseudo tumor Cerebri) and Brain Ouabain2009-2010
Paul Durham, PhDMissouri State UniversityATP and CGRP: a Synergistic Mechanism Regulating Nociception in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons2009-2010
Andrew F. Russo, PhDUniversity of IowaDoes Pregnancy Reduce Light Aversion in a Model Mouse of Migraine?2009-2010
Simon Kaja, PhDUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityNovel Mechanism Underlying the Pathophysiology of Visual Impairment During Migraine Headaches2009-2010
Carolina Lemos, BScUniversity of Porto, PortugalIdentification of Generic Variants Associated with Increased Susceptibility of Migraine2009-2010
Soe Mar, MDWashington University School of MedicineDoes Chronic Migraine Hurt the Developing Brain? Investigation using Resting State Functional Connectivity2009-2010
Tamara C. Valovich McLeod, PhD, ATStill UniversityThe Effect of Sport-related Concussion on Headache and Health-related Quality of Life in Children & Adolescent2009-2010
Kerry Caparell, MDChildren’s Hospital of PittsburghParaspinal Intramuscular Ropivacaine Injection for the Treatment of Acute Headache in Children2009-2010
Jill Jesurum, PhDSwedish Heart & Vascular InstituteAspiring Resistance in Women with Migraine2010-2011
Paul Durham, PhDMissouri State UniversityFractaline Regulation of CGRP Expression in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons2010-2011
K.C. Brennan, MDUCLA moved to University of UtahInvestigation of coritcal dysfunction in a possible migraine endophenotype2010-2011
Dan Levy, PhDBeth IsraelAngiotensin II, Oxidative Stress and Migraine Pain2010-2011
J. Douglass Mann, MDUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillEffects of a Low Omega-6 and High Omega-3 Diet on Inflammatory Gene Expression in Patients with Chronic Daily Headache2010-2011
Beverly E. Thorn, PhDUniversity of AlabamaMindfulness-based cognitive therapy for the treatment of headache2010-2011
Tim Smith, MDSt. John’s Mercy Medical CenterMercy Tele-Headache Project2011-2012
Paul Durham, PhDMissouri State UniversityChronic Effect of Nicotine on Trigeminal Neurons: Why Heavy Smokers are not Responsive to Triptan Therapy2011-2012
Dan Levy, PhDBeth IsraelSensory Intervention of the Calvarial Periosteum and the Genesis of Post-traumatic Headache2011-2012
Thomas K. Baumann, PhDLegacy Clinical Research & Technology CenterMembrane Ion Channels and Receptors in a Unique Sub-population of Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons that Mediates Persistent Pain2011-2012
Gregory Dussor, PhDUniversity of ArizonaActivation of Meningeal TRPA1 Channels Contributes to Migraine Headache2011-2012
Vincent Martin, MDUniversity of CincinnatiFemale Hormones and Their Role in the Provocation of Migraine Headache in Adolescent Girls2011-2012
Dan Levy, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterCSD-induced cortiica metabolic perturbations and the genesis of migraine headache2012-2013
K.C. Brennan, MDUniversity of UtahSensory network plasticity in migraine with aura2012-2013
David Borsook, MDBoston Childrens HospitalFunctional and Morphometric Measures in Chronic Daily Headache—Markers of Disease Reversal2013-2014