June Is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month


DiamondJune is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. Show purple to show your support for migraine and headache advocacy, awareness, education and research.

No matter where you are in the world, print out the image below and take a picture. Share that picture with the National Headache Foundation, as we join forces to inspire hope.

Even today, individuals who suffer from migraine or headache deal with the stigma associated with these diseases. Together, we can help make migraine and headache visible and educate others about these neurobiological diseases.

In 2016, NHF is encouraging headache sufferers to be engaged in the management of their headaches and “Rule Your Headache.”



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12 comment on “June Is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

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  4. Krista Reply

    I have been plagued since I was around 5 or 6 years old with headaches. I have been on medication my whole life (as along as I can remember) to help get through them.

    I would love to become involved with this foundation.

    Please let me know how. Thanks

    1. Staffheadache Reply

      Becoming a member is a great way to get started. As a member, you will support our educational efforts, as well as programs such as CAQ. Another great way to get involved is to share your story with us. We are always interested in hearing more about how headache has affected your life and the stories of patients help us with our advocacy work.

      If you’d like to further discuss how you can get involved, email us at eward@headaches.org.

  5. Jaclyn M Jenkins Reply

    I would like to help bring awareness for migraines! I have suffered for years with them and still trying treatments to help.

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  7. Sarah Reply

    Hi! I would love to host a run/walk in my area. Is there any way you could help with funding?

    1. Staffheadache Reply

      Hi Sarah –

      It’s great that you want to get involved! We currently don’t fund or host run/walks, but we do work with Miles for Migraine, an organization that is involved with run/walks and more. I recommend reaching out to them. Here is there website: http://milesformigraine.org/.

      Hope this is helpful.

  8. Sarah Reply

    Hi! Is there a hashtag you use for National Headache Awareness Month?

    1. Staffheadache Reply

      Hi Sarah,

      We will be using #headacheawareness or #migraineawareness for Awareness Month related tweets.

      Thanks for raising awareness!

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