HeadWise Magazine

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5 comment on “HeadWise Magazine

  1. Tommy Brundin Reply

    Can I subscribe?
    How much does it cost?

    1. Staff headache Reply

      A subscription to HeadWise comes with being a member of the National Headache Foundation. You can become a member for $20/year and get the magazine, monthly newsletters, and access to educational webinars. More information membership is here: http://www.headaches.org/become-a-member/.

  2. Kay Harris Reply

    can you send me a sample of this magazine and benefits of being a member?

    1. Staff headache Reply

      This is the best place to see an example of the magazine: http://www.headaches.org/headwise-magazine/. Here is some information about the benefits of becoming an NHF member: http://www.headaches.org/become-a-member/.

  3. mark Reply

    I joined, but don’t see anywhere that I can access back issues of the magazine. Where do I go on the website to access the back issues?

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