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  The National Headache Foundation provides you with the best possible weapons in your fight against headache pain: knowledge and support. We explain the causes and symptoms of headache and keep you apprised of the latest advances in headache treatment through our newsletters, educational publications and this Web Site. We offer the support you need to show that you are not alone in your struggle with headache through our toll-free hotline and nationwide network of support groups. With knowledge and support, you can face your headache with less fear and greater hope.

With different headache types and the variety of symptoms among individual sufferers, seeing a doctor and perhaps a headache specialist is often the best way to deal with persistent and painful headaches. The good news is that help is available and treatment options are increasing dramatically. Through the resources of the National Headache Foundation you can learn how to control your headaches before they control you. The NHF is Your #1 Source for Headache Help.


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