If you have lots of ("chronic") headaches - maybe two, three or four times a week - you are not alone. At least half of all kids, by the time they are teens, have had headaches.

Since 15% of children and teenagers have tension-type headaches, and 5% have migraines, this means that even if your school only has 100 students, there are 20 (20%) of you who have chronic headaches. You may not have met each other yet. And when you do, you'll discover that each person's headache is different. Just remember that there other people with headaches.

Even though most headache sufferers experience warning signs, and you should become aware of them, some days it might seem as if a headache suddenly appears, like an evil force, out of nowhere, swoops down and wallops or hits you over the head at the most inconvenient and embarrassing times.

But, we'll help you take more control of that force. Once you identify the causes of your headache, you will be able to avoid many triggers and learn to manage stress better. At the very least, you will have more information and a greater understanding of headaches. The trick is living with your headaches so you can lead an active, happy and rewarding life. Many kids like you have said that, because they had to learn to deal with headaches, they developed new skills that made them stronger or more understanding in other areas of their lives.

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