Inpatient Headache Units

This is a list of inpatient headache units within the United States. The list does not purport to constitute a comprehensive list of all units in the U.S. who are interested in the diagnosis and treatment of headache. Additional units may be available upon inquiry from medical societies and other physician groups.


Merle Diamond, MD, Director
Diamond Headache Clinic
2900 N. Lake Shore Drive, 9th Floor 
Chicago, IL 60657

Saint Joseph Hospital Inpatient Headache Unit

Diamond Headache Clinic


Ann Arbor
Joel Saper, MD
Director Michigan Head Pain & Neurological Clinic
3120 Professional Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48118

Chelsea Hospital Inpatient Headache Unit




Stephen Silberstein,MD
Director Jefferson Headache Center
111 S. 11th St. #8130 Gibbon Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Inpatient Headache Unit




Anwarul Haq, M.D.
Medical Director Comprehensive Headache Center
Baylor Univeristy Medical Center
Baylor Neuroscience Center
9101 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231

Baylor Health


We have not undertaken any independent investigation concerning the qualifications, competence or experience of the Inpatient Headache Units named, nor the treatment protocols or compensation procedures which they employ, nor can we provide comment or opinions concerning the same. We therefore make no express or implied representations concerning such units, and we do not assume any responsibility for any action or omission on the part of any such unit. If you choose to engage any of the units listed, we urge you to conduct your own inquiries, interview and review in advance, in a manner prudent for the initiation of a medical relationship.

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