El Embarazo Y El Dolor de Cabeza

Aproximadamente el 80% de las mujeres que padecen de migraña dejan de tener los dolores usuales de cabeza desde finales del tercer mes de embarazo hasta el día de concepción. Esto puede ser debido a la estabilidad hormonal.

Durante el embarazo, la limitación de medicamentos es significante. Se debe consultar con un doctor antes de usar algun medicamento.

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Just a note of thanks to the NHF for hosting these helpful online seminars.  The recent "Fibromyalgia and Migraine" was the second Webinar I've attended, and I learned a great deal.

The Webinars are easy to log into, the presentations are professional, and the presenters do not "talk down" to their auditors. The NHF is apparently choosing subject matter experts with care, and the information is up-to-date. 

Again, thank you for the hard work. I look forward to future Webinars.

Deborah S.



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