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Format: 2015-01-24
Format: 2015-01-24
  • I'm Getting More Headaches from Wine
    2015 Jan 22

    A reader asks if it's the wine or something else that may be the cause of his headaches:

  • Drug-free fixes to relieve headaches at work
    2015 Jan 19

    Even without medication, you can effectively relieve headache at work. There are plenty of natural remedies that will alleviate pain and other associated symptoms in under an hour. Read more:

  • 2014: The Year in Migraine
    2015 Jan 14

    2014 was filled with exciting developments for migraine treatment and research. Highlights include:

  • Child Abuse Linked to Increased Risk of Migraine in Adulthood
    2015 Jan 12

    A new study finds that such children are more likely to experience migraine than tension headache in adulthood. Read more:

  • 5 Strange Reasons You Have a Headache
    2015 Jan 9

    There are many lesser-known, even strange causes for headaches. Here are a few: 

  • Have a headache? It may be the barometric pressure
    2015 Jan 6

    Studies show blood vessels may expand or contract, causing headaches. Read more:

  • Hangover Helper: Tips To Prevent A Horrible Headache
    2014 Dec 31

    Dehydration is not the only reason alcohol gives you a hangover headache. Some tips for avoiding a hangover on New Year's Day:

  • Peripheral nerve blocks OK for migraines in pregnancy
    2014 Dec 29

    For migraines that do not respond to medications, peripheral nerve blocks may be a treatment option in pregnant women:

  • Headaches: When should you seek help?
    2014 Dec 23

    Headaches are common. Unfortunately, because they are so common, they are often dismissed as insignificant.

    But when is it time to seek professional help?

  • Holidays can bring on more migraines
    2014 Dec 19

    Doctors have known for some time that some foods and drinks can trigger migraine headaches in some people. That's an important fact to remember around the holidays:

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