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Format: 2014-10-24
Format: 2014-10-24
  • FDA looking to regulate headaches
    2014 Oct 22

    The Food and Drug Administration is considering new recommendations for pharmaceutical companies developing migraine drugs to treat chronic headaches. Learn more:

  • 5 lessons I've learned from my yearlong headache
    2014 Oct 20

    As Stephanie Harper dealt with the chronic pain of headache for nearly a year, she learned several invaluable lessons. She shares them here:

  • Migraines with aura in middle age linked to Parkinson's disease
    2014 Oct 16

    Compared to those without headaches, people in the study who suffered from migraines with aura in middle age were about twice as likely to have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when the researchers checked back. They were also more likely to report at least four symptoms commonly associated with Parkinson's disease later in life.

    Read more about this study:

  • Ask Well: Exercise and headaches
    2014 Oct 14

    Exercise can cause headaches. What should you know about exertion headaches?

  • Top 10 migraine triggers
    2014 Oct 10

    Consider these migraine trigger possibilities, especially if you keep a journal to track headaches.

    Read more:

  • 8 things you need to know about childhood migraine
    2014 Oct 8

    You may not be aware of the one thing that could be affecting all aspects of your child's life—childhood migraine.

  • The Roaring 20s: Common illnesses in young adulthood
    2014 Oct 6

    Cluster headaches is not the most common illness that rears its head when someone is in their 20s, but people in their 20s should be aware of it.

    Read more:

  • Maker of contraceptive ring advises some women should avoid using product
    2014 Oct 2

    In a Health Canada advisory Thursday, Merck also said NuvaRing should not be used by women who have had migraine headaches with vision problems.

    Read more about NuvaRing and who should avoid it:

  • Babies' colic linked to mothers' migraines
    2014 Sep 30

    A study of mothers and their young babies by neurologists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has shown that mothers who suffer migraine headaches are more than twice as likely to have babies with colic than mothers without a history of migraines.

    Read more:

  • 17 struggles only migraine-sufferers understand
    2014 Sep 24

    Not sure if you're experiencing a migraine or a headache? here are the differences between the two, according to one sufferer.

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