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Format: 2014-11-25
Format: 2014-11-25
  • Is new hope coming for migraine sufferers?
    2014 Nov 25

    Avanir, a biotechnology company, thinks it might have developed an improved formulation of a widely used migraine drug. Read more about this development in November's News to Know.

  • Not tonight, I have a headache
    2014 Nov 20

    Joanna Kempner, Rutgers assistant sociology professor, says gender has played too big of a role in understanding migraines.

    Read more about her book:

  • Migraines and kids: How to cope
    2014 Nov 17

    School presents many challenges for kids with migraine. As a parent, you need to be your child’s advocate. Read more:

  • Why migraines deserve more attention
    2014 Nov 13

    Migraine is a condition that non-sufferers have a hard time understanding. The New York Times' Anna Altman looks at why they deserve more attention:

  • Migraines: Silent wounds of war
    2014 Nov 11

    A case for recognizing the consequences of traumatic head injuries—and developing support systems for people who suffer.

    Read more:

  • Why women have more headaches than men
    2014 Nov 7

    While results remain constant across all income groups, race, and culture; females are twice more likely than men to suffer in the reproductive years.

    Read more:

  • Here's what it means when your headache is in a specific part of your head
    2014 Nov 3

    Not all headaches are the same, and when where you're feeling pain says something about how you should go about seeking treatment

    Check out the link below to read more:

  • 11 surprising headache triggers
    2014 Oct 30

    Want to know what could be causing your headache? Health.com's list may help:

  • Poor posture, diet and others can lead to severe headaches
    2014 Oct 28

    They say that what a person consume may add to the emergence of headache. Learn more about what can lead to severe headaches:

  • FDA looking to regulate headaches
    2014 Oct 22

    The Food and Drug Administration is considering new recommendations for pharmaceutical companies developing migraine drugs to treat chronic headaches. Learn more:

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