Methergine, the brand name for methylergonovine maleate, was originally developed for the treatment of postpartum bleeding and for improvement in the uterine tone. It is related to the ergot amine medications. In addition to its effects on the uterus, Methergine also causes constriction of the smooth muscles in the blood vessels.

This vasoconstriction action makes Methergine useful in several situations as related to some headache patients. It can be helpful in treating vascular headaches, such as migraine (including menstrual migraine) or cluster.

It is more commonly used for prevention of headaches, but can be taken for acute attacks. Because of the vasoconstricting effects, Methergine is used for limited periods of time in most patients and only under careful supervision of a physician.

The side effects of Methergine are similar to those seen with other ergot agent medications. It may cause high blood pressure in some patients.

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