At the National Headache Foundation, we know knowledge is the best weapon for battling headache and migraine. So, we've compiled the leading headache database to help you in your journey towards understanding your disorder and getting better treatment.

Find a physician near you with the physician finder; get the facts on headache and headache-related topics using the headache topic sheets tool; in Reader's Mail, Readers get their questions answered by doctors and specialists; and go back through the archives of Head Wise to read headache news in Head Wise, the National Headache Foundation's quarterly magazine.

Trying to understand headache and migraine is difficult to do alone.


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    “I just wanted to take a minute or two to let you know how very informative my husband and I found the presentation which was held in St. Louis a couple of weekends ago. We walked away with a lot of information and didn't feel so all alone and confused.”

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