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July Webinars

Ask a Pharmacist

Speaker: Richard G. Wenzel, PharmD
Date: Tuesday, July 29th
Time: 7:30 ET/6:30 PM CT

Richard G. Wenzel's Bio:


Since 1999 Richard Wenzel, PharmD, has been the pharmacist at the Diamond Headache Clinic Inpatient Unit where he is responsible for patient education, staff development, preceptor activities, and drug information services.  

Dr. Wenzel is an accomplished practitioner, author, and presenter in the area of headache. He has written or co-written dozens of original research and review articles, including publications in Pharmacotherapy, Annals of Pharmacotherapy, American Journal of Health System-Pharmacy, and American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and is a contributing author to the textbooks Migraine in Women and the National Headache Foundation’s Therapeutic Guide for Treatment of Headache.  Richard has given multiple presentations at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) annual meetings as well as over 100 state and local continuing education lectures.  In 2005, he was one of five pharmacists bestowed with APhA’s Pharmacy Today, One-to-One Patient Counseling Award.


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