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Migraines and headaches are very personal and the National Headache Foundation wants you to know that your headaches matter. We want to hear how you have become a student of your migraines and headaches. Let us know what does and doesn’t work to control your migraines and headaches.

We want to hear how you feel during an attack, after the experience, and before the next one strikes. Tell us how others react when you have to disengage from family, friends or work because of a migraine or headache. We want to hear all about your personal experience with migraine and headache and ultimately how you made progress toward regaining control of your life. We are interested, and many visitors to the NHF website want to hear your story too. 

However you choose to capture your story -- in a video or a word document -- here is how you can send it to us:

Video links and word documents can be emailed to: Include "My Migraine, My Story" in the subject line.


Read my personal headache story! here


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