Headaches and the Holidays

It isn’t the stress of the holidays that affects me the most. In fact, I love the holidays because I get to spend time with my family. The only problem is that they live seven hours away (more if the weather is bad). So, when it comes to the holidays, it is the thought of all that traveling that does NOT leave visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

When you live in the Upper Midwest, every drive during the winter is an adventure and this holiday season promises to be no different.

Causes of Headaches in College Students

Many people experience headaches, often due to triggers related to their age, gender, health and overall lifestyle. College students are no different. In fact, these young and seemingly healthy individuals often lead lifestyles that put them at a very high risk for headaches.

Nearly all headaches experienced by college students are tension-type headaches. A tension-type headache causes non-throbbing, frequently bilateral pain.

Economic Recession Can Cause Headache

A recent poll from the NHF Web site suggests that the economic recession not only takes a toll on our wallets, but on our health.


Take Advantage of These Resources to Find Maximum Relief

The NHF is here to provide you useful with methods and resources to manage your headaches. Below we list a few methods that we suggest you try, in combination with your current treatment, in order to attempt to get relief:


Stress has a Role Headache Pain

Stress is a leading cause in tension-type headaches and is inevitable in our daily lives. Although some stress can be positive, too much can cause a negative physical impact on our bodies as well as our brains.



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