Interview with NHF Board Member on Recent Translational and Clinical Research on Migraine

Check our NHF Board Member Dr. Nabih Ramadan’s interview with the Migraine Resource Network on “Findings from the Recent Translational and Clinical Research on Migraine.”

As a headache sufferer, what is the most important area of headache research for you? Are you looking to better understand why you get migraines, how best to prevent them, more effective treatment options or another area? Let us hear from you.

As a healthcare provider, how do the findings from translational research impact your clinical practice?

Board of Directors – Marc D. Lefkowitz

Marc Lefkowitz is owner of Classic Floor Designs, Inc., a high-end flooring company in Washington, DC. He has been involved in the flooring business since 1988.

Marc graduated from Wayne Hills High School in Wayne, New Jersey, and earned his BA in Business Finance from George Washington University in Washington, DC. He is married to Elise Gelman Lefkowitz, and they reside in Washington, DC. They are the proud parents of Matthew (and his wife, Alexa), and Charlotte. They are grandparents to Radley Gelman Lefkowitz.

Marc has been active for many years with the American Cancer Society, Adas Israel Congregation, The Lab School of Washington, George Washington University Gelman Library, The George Washington University Hillel House, Tulane University, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Leonard Lauder’s Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, and the National Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Board of Directors – Alan B. Rosenberg, M.D.

Alan B. Rosenberg, M.D.Dr. Rosenberg is the Vice President of Medical Policy, Technology Assessment, and Credentialing Programs for WellPoint, Inc. Among his responsibilities, Dr. Rosenberg leads WellPoint’s program — across all of its affiliated brands — for medical policy, technology assessment, and credentialing. He also is President of Anthem UM Services, Inc., and of Anthem Credentialing Services, Inc.

Dr. Rosenberg is a fellow of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago and serves as a Board Member of URAC and the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations (AAPPO). He is also a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association TEC Medical Advisory Panel, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Policy Panel, the America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) Vaccine & Immunization Finance Working Group, and a member of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Effective Healthcare (AHRQ) Stakeholder Group.

Dr. Rosenberg received his B.A. degree from Columbia University in New York and received his M.D. degree from New York University Medical School. He completed his residency at the University of Chicago Residency Program at Michael Reese Hospital and is board certified in Internal Medicine.


Board of Directors – James Beasley

james beasleyJames Beasley is involved in commercial real estate in Turbeville, South Carolina. James was both in Winfield, Alabama to Verna and Wilburn Beasley. The family moved to South Carolina when James’ father became pastor of a church there. He spent his junior and senior years at East Clarendon High School, where he met his wife, Mary. They have been married 43 years, and are the proud parents of three children. The family includes son Scott and his wife, Jessica, son Jason, and daughter Mollie, and her husband, Jamie Brown. Mary and James continue to live near their children and four grandchildren – Tripp, age 14; Hayden, age 11; Gage, age 8, and the only granddaughter, Sophie, age 4.

James joined the Board of Directors of the National Headache Foundation in 2006.  He is a member of the Board’s Operations Committee, and has been highly effective in contract negotiations for the NHF, particularly in leasing. James devotes a substantial amount of time each year to his responsibilities with the NHF, and has been extremely supportive of all of the NHF’s initiatives.

In recognition of his excellent and enduring service to the National Headache Foundation, James was the recipient of the 2013 Elaine Diamond Service Award.


Board of Directors – Roger K. Cady, M.D.

Roger Cady, M.D.Roger K. Cady, MD, has been Associate Executive Chairman of the National Headache Foundation since February, 2010. He was originally elected to the Board in February, 1998.

Doctor Cady is Director of the Headache Care Center, Director of Clinvest and Co-Founder of Primary Care Network, as well as CEO of Banyan Group Inc., all located in Springfield, Missouri.

Dr. Cady received his MD degree from the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, MN. He completed his residency in family practice at St. Francis Mayo in LaCrosse, WI, and is certified by the American Board of Family Practice.  He is a fellow of the American Headache Society, a member of the American Medical Association, a diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

He was the co-recipient of the Harold Wolff Award in 2000 for his research on the spectrum of primary headache in migraine sufferers. In October, 2009, he received the Janet Travell Pain Management Award from the American Academy of Pain Management, which is presented to a clinician who has contributed to the advancement of the field of pain management and the welfare of others through direct clinical services. On April 14, 2012, Dr. Cady received the National Headache Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  Also, in 2012, Drake University presented him with the Drake National Alumni Association’s Alumni Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in a career or profession and exemplary service to Drake University.

Dr. Cady has been instrumental in developing the early intervention paradigm for treatment of acute migraine and defining “sinus headache” as a common clinical presentation of migraine.  He has authored/co-authored over 250 peer-reviewed journal articles and has written and contributed to numerous books, chapters and abstracts as well as countless lectures and seminars around the world on headache, migraine and other chronic disorders. He has been and continues to be the principal investigator in multi-center studies on migraine, post-traumatic headache and other pain disorders.

He and his wife, Dr. Kathy Farmer-Cady, reside in Ozark, Missouri.