In the fall of 2006 the NHF's Headache Education and Support Group facilitators invited their attendees to submit headache-related poetry. Because interest in this project grew, it was opened up to all who visit the NHF's web site, as well as those who read NHF HeadLines.

The NHF received a variety of headache-related submissions. We have selected poems, limericks and verse that are relatable to those who suffer with this disease.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who submitted their work.

Poem Title: Written By:
A Fearful Pain Debra Lemoine
Ache Paul J. Wilson
Deep in Thought Joanna H. Weaver
EMERGENCY Room Rachel Anderson
Forgiveness Kit Willihngez
Headache: A Parody of "Born Free" Donald R. Adams
Headaches are a Thing in Life James Esson
Headaches Suck! Joe Lilly
I Have Learned to Fly Ozioma C. Nwosu
Never Far Behind Sharon Bilek
Oh What A Day Sheila Vandeberg
STATIC Twyla E. Vincent
Status "Migrainosus" Heather Nicaise
The Noodle is Under Attack Elena Rodriguez
The Pain Never Goes Away: I Call it My Friend Hazel L. Reese
The Unknown Mystery Headache  

 A Fearful Pain

By Debra Lemoine, Louisiana

I live in fear of the pain. My head wants revenge against me.

What have I done to my brain?

My morning starts out sane. The sky is clear; my eyes can see.

Still, I live with fear of pain. A sudden searing fire
Claims my skull consumed; the path complete.

What have I done to my brain?

Light, darkness hurts and drains.
Nausea pushes bile to my teeth. I fear my life is pain.
Aspirin, Tylenol, I take with disdain.
Codeine is useless; something stronger for me.

What have I done to my brain?

No one understands the migraine.
A more visible ailment for me, please!
I live in fear of the pain.

What have I done to my brain?




By Paul J. Wilson, District of Columbia

The ache is not fake,
Though it makes me forsake
That which I know is true.
The reality of my craniality
Is not simply all of me.
But what is there to do?



Deep in Thought

By Joanna H. Weaver, Texas

When you tell me I look so serious
That I should smile like you're my cue,
Like that's enough to forget the ache inside my head,

That heartless friend that greets me sends me to sleep,
Holds my mind to my face everyday, not buried in thought,
Not a lousy mood, just holding it, just holding on to
Something else far away.

Don't ask me to smile.




By Rachel Anderson, Washington

Enything but fun
More than depressing
Everyone's nightmare - Ho-
Ribble and very bad
Give me a break from it
Every so often it helps
Nothing about is it happy
Caring for sick people
Yell for 911
Rotten - H-
Onestly the worst place to be
Overly long waits to see doctors
My life's center point




By Kit Willihnganz, Kentucky

What terrible memory
has exploded in my brain,
like artillery bursting into action
causing nerves to fire
random and blinding?

Let this war end, I pray,
but the pain keeps me
struggling through dark and silence.

I try to negotiate a ceasefire
with heating pads and pills
but I begin to think
that this war must come from
deeper inside me that my nerves,
down past the blood-brain barrier
to my mind.

This ache begins there
with my toxic recollections-
that first love I threw away
the parents I let down
the sister whose head I keep butting.

One of these must be responsible.
Why else would I tell
the ER doc that I need to be forgiven?



Headache: A Parody of "Born Free"

By Donald R. Adams, Pennsylvania

Pain free. Lord, help me be pain free.
This headache controls me,
Its taken control of my life.


Headache, some say just a headache.
To me also heartache,
It robs me of all joy and all hope.

Chronic, yes it is quite chronic, and relentless,
It's as sure as night follows day.

Sleep time, oh how I dread sleep time.
For that's when the throbbing, pounding
Pain begins in my head.

Physicians, most caring physicians,
But they're not magicians.
They need some help from you Lord.



Headaches are a Thing in Life

By James Esson, New South Wales

Headaches are a thing in life.
Lots of the time they bring us strife.
They make us down, and put us out.
They make us full of sadness and doubt.

But one thing you can get from this terrible pain.
As you continue to wish that it won't come again.
Is the hope that someday the ache will dull.
When that day comes you'll feel like a gull.

Floating away above the clouds
Shouting out oh so proud
That you're feeling well, happy, and gay,
So why not share it, and
Brighten someone else's day?



Headaches Suck

By Joe Lilly, Illinois

I once had a pain in my head,
It started when I was in bed;
But it is my curse it later got worse,
And now I wish I were dead.



I Have Learned to Fly

By Ozioma C. Nwosu, California

Since I was ten or thirteen
The pounding in my head has thrived and grown
And become so bad and almost made me mad.

A little Spark, a little fire
A little wind to help, and then a forest
Becomes enflamed and everything is lost.

A little seed, a little soil
A little nurturing to help and then a tree blossoms
And blooms and then overcomes the forest.

So my headache, with time, has grown
And taken over my life; It has made me sad,
It has made me cry and it has almost made me mad.

But I have learned to cope
I have learned to hope
And most importantly, I have learned to fly.

I have learned to live around my circumstances
I have really learned to fly.



Never Far Behind

By Sharon Bilek, Ohio

Never far behind...looming there. They wait.

One moment of vulnerability is the key that
Opens Pandora's Box,
And my life is theirs for the taking.

Relentless and unmerciful, they stalk me.

Greedy and never satisfied, they take
Everything-and come back for more.

There is no outsmarting them.

No pleading with them.

They gain momentum as they plunder and are
Energized by their destruction.

Oh, gifts of Divine Wisdom, hiding in this

Find me.



Oh What A Day

By Sheila Vandeberg, Arizona

Today I have a headache -
Is it because I ate that extra piece of cake?
Maybe it was the jumping up and down,
Or the night I had on the town?

Today I have a headache -
It is pounding its way in like a stake.
It feels like a drill is in my head.
I need to rest
I will go to my bed.

Today is a new day and the sun is aglow,
The headache is gone, no more lying low.
I can do what I want; I know it's a sign.

My headache is gone and wow, I feel fine!
No headache, no pain, I won't go insane!
I will eat extra cake and jump up and down
I will even go back and tear up the town.

Oh, what a day to play.




By Twyla E. Vincent, West Virginia

My bedroom is filled with sound,
the constant noise awakens me.

Loud static pulsing through my head
then the pressure pushing and pounding
through my skull.

I cannot think, only cower.
Pain sparkles behind my eyelids, white noise
ringing through my brain.

Sleep is killed for me this night, killed by
the dreaded migraine.



Status "Migrainosus"

By Heather Nicaise, California

Alone in the Dark,
there is a fear of infiniteness.
I hate the pain that envelops me.
I'm afraid it will never end.

There is a fear of infiniteness.
I struggle with the pain.
I'm afraid it will never end.
I cannot see the light.

I struggle with the pain.
Nothing to do but wait,
I cannot see the light
screaming Inside my head.

Nothing to do but wait.
The fog, the haze muffles me.
Screaming inside my head;
despair that will remain.

The fog, the haze muffles me.
I pray for its dissolution.
Despair that will remain
until misery releases my soul.

Praying for dissolution-
I hate the pain that envelops me.
The misery releases my soul.

I am alone in the dark.



The Noodle is Under Attack

By Elena Rodriguez, Minnesota

It starts in the front and moves to the back.
My noodle is under attack

There's no sense in trying
I think I am dying, its home and to bed.
My head, my head, where are those pills?
Are they under the bills?
My noodle is under attack

I hear a rattle as the noodle's in battle
The pills were under the bills!
Pop the cap and swallow and time for a nap
My head becomes hollow
My noodle is winning the battle with
The help of the pills.

There's no more rattle.
The pills, oh those lovely pills!
The battle is won as I wake with the sun
My noodle has won, my noodle is done
Until the next attack...Those pills will be back!
And they'll win
Oh they'll win...and with quite the din.



The pain never goes away: I call it my friend.

By Hazel L. Reese, Illinois

Headache, Headache all day long; it's up, It's down, it's all around.

It's like an ice pick behind my left eye.
It's like stretching my neck like its going to break.
It's there from dawn to the end of the day.
Some times you move within my head.

It's in my head, my neck, my back, my shoulders,
My stomach, and my legs.
It calls me back to bed some days.

I say, yesterday you made me loose a day,
But today I will not listen to you.
I want to scream and shout
I want to cry, please, just stop for a little while.

It makes me talk to my head--give me a break today.
Some days I want to take my head off my neck
And give it away.

Some days I fight the pain and say, you will not
Stop me today. I'm going for a walk, or I'll cook today.
I keep myself busy today to forget the pain.

Today I can't stay out of the bathroom
My stomach say's today is my day, forget your head.
I drink and drink more liquids today.
I cannot eat much food today.
I don't answer the phone or turn on the TV today,
I take your medicine and sleep all day.

It rains today I start to pray, just hurry up
I will be glad for the next day.
I know I will be sick all today.
The temperature changed 20 degrees today from
Yesterday. I know I will be sick again today.

I call you my Friend, you are always there, From dawn to dusk, every day.



The Unknown Mystery Headache

Headaches are really bad.
They make me really sad.

Without notice, it shoots out pain.
It makes me want to go insane.

My body is weak and I almost fall.
I'm numb everywhere and can't stand it at all.

It hurts to move, it hurts to read
I usually am not able to get much sleep.

Nothing helps it and no one cares.

They are clueless and pretend it's not there.
No one will bother to figure what's wrong.
So, instead I continue to suffer on.



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