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February 2015

October 2014

September 2014

August 2014

June/July 2014

  • FDA Clears Portable Migraine Treatment Device
  • Headache May Be Risk Factor for Dementia
  • Visual Snow: Condition Appears to be Independent Disorder
  • Older Migraineurs May Experience Silent Brain Injury
  • Reader's Mail: Medication and Time May Both Help Migraine and Cluster Headaches

May 2014

  • Migraine Linked with More Than Depression in Bipolar Disorder
  • Chili Pepper Plant Extract Brings Relief to Headache Sufferers
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation Proves Beneficial to Some Migraineurs
  • Opioids Prescribed Too Often for Migraineurs in the ER

April 2014

  • FDA Approves Medication for Migraine Prevention in Teens
  • Migraines Increase as Stress Lets Up
  • Most Headache-Related Imaging Proves Unnecessary and Too Costly
  • FDA Approves Marketing of Migraine Prevention Device
  • Reader's Mail: Headache and Migraine Response to Sweeteners Varies

March 2014

  • High Stress Means More Headaches
  • Pediatric Migraneurs and Their Parents Differ on Quality of Life Perceptions
  • Migraine and Other Disorders Linked to Increase Risk of Self-Harm
  • Vitamin D Levels not Linked to Migraine, Study Says
  • Reader's Mail: Headache Treatment Requires Individualized Approach

February 2014

  • Cocaine Use Linked to the Development and Worsening of Headache
  • Expectations Influence Effectiveness of Migraine Medication
  • Blood Pressure Medication Provides Migraine Relief
  • Health Complaints Rose During Recent Recession
  • Reader's Mail: Daily Headache May be Migraine Variant

January 2014

  • Gum Chewing May Lead to Headache
  • FDA Approves Device to Treat Migraine with Aura
  • Cold Extremities May Be a Mark of Migraine
  • Behavioral Therapy Holds Possible Key to Pediatric Migraine Treatment
  • Reader's Mail: For Athlete, Medication's Side Effects May Be Cause for Prescription Change

December 2013

  • Headache Treatment: 5 Practices to Avoid
  • Electrical Stimulation Treatment Provides Help for Some Headache Sufferers
  • Study Indicates Headaches Are not Part of Lupus Disease
  • Migraines Increase with Allergies and Hay Fever
  • Reader's Mail: Postherpetic Pain Requires Skilled Medical Care

October 2013

  • Rare Neurological Disorder Draws Attention
  • Increased Body Weight Associated with Migraine
  • Discovery May Lead to Relief for Migraineurs
  • Low Income Linked to Higher Migraine Rates
  • Reader's Mail: Sleep and Medication May Help Migraine-Related Dizziness

September 2013

  • Rare Form of Migraine Sidelines College Football Player
  • Throbbing Pain: Pulsations Arise from the Head, not the Heart
  • Common Dysfunction May Link Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Migraine
  • Fear of Headache May Lead to More Headaches
  • Reader's Mail: Unusual Symptoms Warrant Prompt Medical Attention

August 2013

  • Acupressure Bands Relieve Migraine-Related Nausea
  • 'Trust Hormone' May Provide Migraine Relief
  • Structure of Brain Arteries May Contribute to Migraine
  • Migraine-Related Surgery Proves Cause for Debate
  • Botox often Helps, but Keep Expectations Realistic

July 2013

  • Large Study Reveals Some of the Biological Roots of Migraine
  • Education About Medication Is Essential to Treatment Success
  • Migraine With Aura Linked to all Stroke Types
  • Obesity Puts Many at Higher Risk of Migraine
  • Let Down' Headache Can Arise From Many Causes

June 2013

  • Migraine and Other Pain Disorders Linked to Increase in Suicide Risk
  • Migraine and Depression Linked to Smaller Brain Size
  • Migraine Management Needs Improvement
  • Post-Traumatic Headache Affects Civilians and Military Personnel
  • Treatment of Daily Persistent Headache Requires Perseverance

May 2013

  • Gene Linked to Sleep Disorder Holds also Linked to Migraine
  • Some Migraine Prevention Medications Shown to Reduce Children's IQ
  • Migraine Prevention: Researchers Evaluate Medication Pros and Cons
  • Colic Linked to Childhood Migraine
  • The FDA Rejects the Application for Levadex
  • Preventive Medication, Stress Reduction May Help with Chronic Headache

April 2013

  • Migraine With Aura Raises Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Sexual Activity Brings Headache Relief to Some
  • Melatonin May Help Prevent Migraine
  • Blood Test May Hold Answers for Optimal Migraine Treatment
  • Reader's Mail: Low Estrogen Birth Control Pills Are Least Likely to Aggravate Migraine

March 2013

  • Seeking Care Is Vital for Migraine Relief
  • Nerve Stimulation May Show Promise for Migraineurs
  • Lightning Increases the Odds for Headache and Migraine
  • Panic Disorder and Migraine: Better Understanding the Connection
  • Reader's Mail: Unusual Headache Presentation Calls for Expert Help
  • The Libby Fund Receives Support

February 2013

  • The Stigma of Migraine Packs a Punch
  • Pediatric Migraineurs Reap Little Benefit from Adult Migraine Medications
  • Some Suspected Migraine Triggers Might not Induce Migraine After All
  • Researchers Work to Create Vitamin Treatment for Migraine
  • The FDA Approves Skin Patch for Migraine Treatment
  • Exertional Headaches Require Professional Evaluation

January 2013

  • You Are What You Eat: Diet Helps Both IBS and Migraine Symptoms
  • MRIs Illuminate Brain Injuries That CT Scans Do not Reveal
  • Migraine and Epilepsy: Study Indicates a Genetic Link
  • Impaired Vision May not Be Responsible for Headache in Children
  • Readers' Mail: Multi-Disciplinary Approach May Help Long-Standing Headaches

December 2012

  • New OptiNose Migraine Treatment Shows Promise in its Phase III Clinical Trial
  • Migraine Appears Linked to Non-Harmful Brain Lesions in Women
  • Online Behavior Sheds Light on Migraine and Headache
  • Migraine Impacts Children's School Performance
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality Leads to Migraine and Headache

November 2012

  • Migraine Treatment Benefits the Whole Patient
  • Contraceptive Vaginal Ring May Reduce Migraines
  • Rizatriptan Proves Useful in Treating Pediatric Migraine
  • MAP Pharmaceuticals Continues to Seek FDA Approval for Levadex®
  • The Study of Sound May Create New Insights into Migraines
  • Readers' Mail: Seek Professional Help for Change in Headache

October 2012

  • Painkillers and Headache: Britain Issues a Word of Caution
  • Black Mamba Venom May Provide Pain Relief
  • Excedrin Will Return this Month
  • Behavioral Issues are Common Among Children With Headaches and Migraine
  • Drinking More Water May Help Ease Headaches
  • Migraine Does Not Lead to Weight Gain
  • Readers' Mail: Sinus Surgery

September 2012

  • Migraine Does not Lead to Dementia
  • Men, Women and Migraine: Brain Structure and Function Play a Role
  • Biofeedback Shows Promise for Children with Headache
  • Time May Seem to Slow Down for People With Migraine
  • Readers' Mail: Help Is Available for Chronic Daily Migraine

August 2012

  • Nupathe Proceeds With Migraine Patch
  • Teens May Benefit from Migraine Diary App
  • Migraine: Is it More Common Than We Think?
  • Headache Frequently Follows Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Reader's Mail: Appropriate Diagnosis Is Key to Solving Health Problems

July 2012

  • Genetic Discoveries Cast New Light on Migraine
  • Adverse Events in Childhood May Lead to Migraine, Headache and Stroke
  • Behavioral Therapies Are Underused in Migraine Treatment
  • Change in Weather, Red Wine May Trigger Migraine
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Unusual, Prolonged Headache Requires Care of Specialist

June 2012

  • Opioid Treatment of Migraine Is Associated with Multiple Risks
  • Headache Frequently Accompanies Celiac Disease and Other Digestive Disorders
  • Travel on Airplanes Brings Painful Headaches
  • Adolescents With Migraine Benefit from Combination Medication
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Headache May Result from Low Testosterone Levels

May 2012

  • Severe Headache Increase the Risk of Suicide
  • Migraine Is Linked to Restless Leg Syndrome in Women
  • Researchers Find a Correlation Between Migraine and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Scientists Study 'Braine Freeze' to Better Understand Headache
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Unresolved Headache Calls for Prompt Follow-Up

April 2012

  • Migraine Increases Risk of Depression Among Women
  • Concussion Leads to Frequent Headache for Soldiers
  • Migraine in Mothers Is Linked to Colic in Infants
  • In Adolescents, Additional Health Concerns Frequently Accompany Headache
  • Products in the Pipeline: FDA Declines to Approve Levadex
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: New Headache Symptoms Should be Evaluated
  • Politically Speaking: NHF Helps Lobby for Change

March 2012

  • Pain: Women Report Feeling It More Intensely Than Men
  • NIH Creates New Committee Dedicated to Pain Research and Treatment
  • Occipital Nerve Stimulation May Help with Intractable Headache
  • Products in the Pipeline: New Device Undergoes Clinical Trials
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Morning Headache May Arise from Many Causes 

February 2012

  • Acupuncture and Shan Acupuncture Offer Similar Results in Migraine Prevention
  • Prophylactic Migraine Treatment Provides Little Benefit, Study Finds
  • People with HIV/AIDS Experience Frequent, Severe Headache
  • Headache Repercussions Are Linked to Academic Success
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Headache Symptoms May Require Further Tests 

January 2012

  • Headache Keeps Soldiers out of Active Duty
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Commonly Causes Headache in Girls and Adolescents
  • New Study Adds to the Evidence:Migraine and Depression Are Linked
  • Migraine Takes the Highest Toll on Middle-Aged Women and African Americans
  • Products in the Pipeline: NuPathe Continues to Pursue Development of Zelrix
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Can Chocolate Help a Headache?

December 2011

  • Narcotic Painkillers May Create Trouble for Migraineurs
  • Triptans, Frequently Prescribed, Pose Potential Risks for People with Heart Disease
  • Exercise Helps Prevent Migraine, New Study Finds
  • Over-the-Counter Medication Proves Useful for Migraine
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Complex Problem May Require Change and Reducation of Medications

October 2011

  • FDA Concerns Delay Release of Migraine Patch
  • Lupus Does not Cause Migraine, Study Finds
  • Migraine with Aura Correlates with High Cholesterol
  • Study Finds Support for Migraine-Endometriosis Connection
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Deep Brain Stimulation Show Promise for Some Patients

September 2011

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Freguently Leads to Headache
  • Pharmaceutical Giant Adandons Late-Stage Migraine Drug
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Affects Migraineurs, Especially Men
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Daily Headache Create Challenges, but Treatment Options Exist

April 2011

  • FDA Warns of Birth Defects with Topiramate
  • Significant Increase in Migraine Rate Seen
  • Effect of Botox® on Cervicogenic Headache "Not Significant"
  • Double-Jointedness Triples Migraine Risk
  • Childhood Migraine Linked to Adult Weight Gain
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Treating Headaches with Magnetic Stimulation

March 2011

  • TV Reporter Suffers Migraine-Like Stroke Live
  • Headache "Demands Attention"
  • White Matter Lesions Associated with All Headache Types
  • Effectiveness of Botox® Questioned
  • A Sampling from our Reader's Mailbag: Which Pharmacist Is Right?

February 2011

  • Migraine Cleared of Causing Cognitive Damage
  • Trauma on the Battlefield Can Cause Long-term Headaches
  • Caffeine and Anti-inflammatories Help Hangover Headaches
  • Sumatriptan Injection Effective for Cyclic Vomiting syndrome
  • Red Ear Syndrome Clue to Migraine in Children
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Wheat Allergy Can Be a Headache Trigger

January 2011

  • Strokes Associated with Migraine Are Mild
  • Pelvic Pain and Migraine Linked in Women
  • Weather Not a Factor in Migraine, Recent Study Finds
  • Products in The Pipeline: Targeting Two Mechanisms of Migraine in One Drug
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Headaches Return after Taking Triptan

December 2010

  • Plastic Surgery to Ease Migraine
  • Chronic Migraine Impacts the Wallet
  • Eight Forms of Child Abuse Linked to Frequent Headaches
  • FDA Calls for Withdrawal of Darvon® and Darvocet® Due to Serious Side Effects
  • Products in The Pipeline: Low Rates of Migraine Recurrence Reported with Levadex
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag:Recommended Doses of Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Caffeine and Excedrin®

November 2010

  • Botox® Approved for Migraine Prevention in the US
  • Ibuprofen Effective for Many Migraineurs
  • Older Antidepressants More Effective at Preventing Tension-type Headache and Migraine
  • Preventive Medications and Behavior
  • Products in The Pipeline: Triptan Patch Moves Closer to Approval
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: MRI Symptom Common with Migraine

October 2010

  • Landmark Studies Find Migraine Genes
  • IV Aspirin Eases Medication Withdrawal
  • Migraine Management Skills Boost Confidence
  • Products in The Pipeline: Occipital Nerve Stimulation Studied for Hard-to-Treat Chronic Migraine
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Dizziness and Headache

September 2010

  • Migraine Prevalence in the U.S.
  • Teens' Bad Habits Induce Headaches
  • Pain Increases with Screen Time
  • More Evidence of a Link Between Aura and Cardiovascular Disease
  • FDA Reviewing Botox® for Chronic Migraine
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag:Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

August 2010

  • Botox® Gets the Green Light in the UK
  • Migraine in Childhood Doesn't Damage the Psyche
  • Trauma of 9/11 Triggered New Headaches
  • Benefits of Massage for Chronic Headache
  • Products in The Pipeline: Lasmiditan Passes Phase II Study
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Could Club Soda Trigger Headaches?

July 2010

  • Stigma High for Migraine
  • Headache Treatment Is Up, But Not with Best Medicines
  • Sleep Disorders Impact Migraine and Chronic Headache
  • Childhood Abuse Raises Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Teen Health Habits Increase Headache Risk
  • Smoking May Trigger Eye and Nose Symptoms with Migraine
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Does Migraine Kill Brain Cells?
  • What's on the Horizon for New Migraine Treatment? Video Podcast with Robert Kaniecki, MD
  • My Migraine, My Story...Share your headache story with NHF

June 2010

  • A New Source of Headaches: 3-D Movies
  • Lack of Sunshine Linked to Headaches
  • Depression Precedes Chronic Migraine for Many
  • Migraine Preventive in the News
  • Products in The Pipeline: Hard-to-Administer Migraine Drug in a Newer, Easier Form
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Any Other Options for Chronic Headache?

May 2010

  • Over-the-counter Drugs Do the Job for Many
  • Over 5 Million American Migraine Sufferers Getting Substandard Care for Lack of Insurance
  • Teens Not Seeking Treatment for Chronic Daily Headache
  • Visual "Noise" Challenging Even without a Headache
  • Triptans Helpful for Cluster Headache
  • Products in The Pipeline: Telcagepant Shows Promise But Also Raises Concerns
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Any Other Options for Chronic Headache?

April 2010

  • Neck Pain Surprisingly Common with Migraine
  • Trust Is Key to Beneficial Medication Use
  • Procedure to Close a Hole in the Heart Reconsidered
  • Neurobiofeedback Helps Control Migraine
  • Searching for the Origin of Pain
  • Products in The Pipeline: Magnetic Device Zaps Away Migraine with Aura
  • A Sampling from out Readers' Mailbag: Walking with Headaches "Every Day with Fail"

March 2010

  • Botox® Results Vary Based on Symptoms
  • Triptans Cleared of Causing Birth Defects
  • Chronic Migraine Sufferers Face More Health Problems and Depression, Less Income
  • Managing Pain with a Personalized Web Program
  • Multiple Sclerosis and Migraine Linked
  • Migraineurs Urged to Reduce Heart Disease Risks
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Surgery for Headache?

February 2010

  • Light Sensitivity Finally Explained
  • Genetics Links Migraine and Depression
  • Childhood Abuse Increases Likelihood of a Host of Medical Conditions
  • New Guidelines to Improve Research into Tension-Type Headache
  • Weather Strikes Again
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Avoiding MSG to Avoid Migraine

January 2010

  • Oxygen Proved Beneficial for Cluster Headache
  • Vast Majority of Migraine Cases Improve
  • FDA Gives Warning about Valproate
  • Too Little Sleep and Too Much Weight Linked to Greater Migraine Medication Use during Pregnancy
  • Women Migraineurs Prone to Aspirin-Resistance
  • Headaches in Children Are Underdiagnosed
  • Products in The Pipeline: SUMAVEL DosePro® Available this Month for Migraine and Cluster Headache
  • A Sampling from our Readers' Mailbag: Avoiding MSG to Avoid Migraine 

December 2009

  • Visualizing Migraine 
  • No Loss of Brain Function from Migraine
  • Large Analysis Confirms Stroke Risk
  • Sensitive Scalp Common during Migraine
  • Products in The Pipeline: NGX426: Developing an Alternative to Triptans
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Can Tension-type Headaches Trigger Migraine?

November 2009

  • Pollution Triggers All Forms of Headache
  • Migraineurs Prone to Hangover Headache
  • Saliva Test Reveals Difference in Migraineurs
  • Hallucinogens Studied for Cluster Headache
  • Topiramate for Migraine Prevention
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Migraines Just Won't Stop

October 2009

  • Cocoa Helpful for Headaches?
  • Billions in Workplace Productivity Lost
  • Benefits of Botox® Confirmed
  • Migraineurs More Likely to Experience Major Depressive Episodes
  • Products in The Pipeline: Optinose Aims to Speed Up Migraine Relief
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Could Leftovers Trigger Migraines?

September 2009

  • Face Lifts for Migraine?
  • To Drink or Not to Drink Coffee
  • Family Stress can Trigger Headaches in Children
  • Surgery for Cervical Spine Problems Also Relieved Some Headaches
  • Products in The Pipeline: Sumatriptan Patch Moves Closer to Approval
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Is Aspartame a Migraine Trigger?

August 2009

  • Migraine May Provide Protection from Breast Cancer
  • Most Teens Outgrow Chronic Daily Headaches
  • Academics Take a Hit from Migraine
  • Stroke and Heart Disease Risk Continue to Be a Concern
  • Products in The Pipeline: FDA Approves Two Medications for Migraine
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Change in Migraine Aura Could Be Concern

July 2009

  • Axert® Approved for Adolescents 
  • Taking Both Analgesics and Triptans Worsens Medication Overuse Headache
  • Rizatriptan and Almotriptan in Head-to-Head Study
  • Chronic Daily Headache Improved by Inpatient Treatment
  • Surgery Relieves Sinusitus Symptoms
  • Products in The Pipeline: Inhaled From of DHE Works Fast, Lasts Long
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Generic Triptans

June 2009

  • Triptans Help to Prevent Menstrual Migraine Symptoms
  • Mixed Results for Investigational Migraine Preventive
  • Antiseizure Drug Effective for Some Chronic Headache Sufferers
  • Products in The Pipeline: Magnetic Therapy for Migraine Relief
  • A Sampling from Our Readers' Mailbag: Headache After Surgery

May 2009

  • Aerobic Exercise Good for Most Migraineurs
  • Topiramate Goes Generic
  • Caution Regarding Use of Valproate during Pregnancy
  • PTSD High Amongst Migraine Sufferers
  • Headache From Concussion Can Linger in Kids
  • Fast and Easy Method for Taking Sumatriptan for Migraine and Cluster Headache
  • Help for Chronic Daily Headaches

April 2009

  • Heat Really does Trigger Headache
  • Steroid Nasal Sprays May Be Migraine Triggers
  • Merck Expands Program to Offer Free Medicines
  • Stroke and Heart Disease Risk Seen in Pregnancy
  • Girls Can Have Menstrual Migraine Before Menstruation
  • Taking Your Triptan With a Patch
  • Will These Headaches Ever Stop?

March 2009

  • Bigger Waistlines Raise Risk of Migraine
  • Vitamin B & Folic Acid May Improve Migraine Symptoms
  • Two Ways to Treat Cluster Headache
  • Adjustable Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Migraine
  • Reader's Mail - Hears Snap and Pop During Migraine

February 2009

  • Headache Before a Stroke
  • Migraine in the Past Year Associated with Anxiety and Depression
  • Why Do Some Patterns Trigger Headaches?
  • Too Heavy or Too Thin? Either Extreme May Exacerbate Headaches
  • Migraine is Costly for Business, Though Not Well Tracked
  • Reader's Mail Excerpt: Fluorescent Lights Triggering Migraine

January 2009

  • Americans Make Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines
  • Headache Treatments May Trigger Gastroesophageal Reflux
  • FDA Calls for Warning Label on Antiepileptic Medicines
  • Products Link found Between Multiple Sclerosis and Headache
  • Meeting the Need for Fast Action and Ease of Use
  • Reader's Mail Sample: Could Sleep Apnea Cause Headache?

December 2008

  • Migraineurs Have Lower Incidence of Breast Cancer
  • Medication Overuse Headache Now Third Most Common Headache in the U.S.
  • Coordinated Treatment for Chronic Headache
  • Products in the Pipeline: Tonabersat Reduces Frequency of Aura for Migraineurs
  • Reader's Mail Sample: Topamax going Generic?

November 2008

  • Caution Urged Regarding PFO's and Migraine
  • Janet Jackson Puts Rare Form of Migraine in the News
  • Matchstick-sized Stimulator Offers Drug-Free Option for Hemicrania Continua
  • Rizatriptan Shown to Relieve Menstrual Migraine
  • New Approach to Treating Migraine Shows Promise
  • Participating in a Botox Study

October 2008

  • Overweight Children Face More Headaches
  • Migraine May Be Linked to Higher Rate of Developing Blood Clots
  • Acupuncture Found Useful in Treating Headache
  • Botox Reported to Have Success Treating Chronic Migraines
  • Every Movement Causes Pain

September 2008

  • Migraine With Aura and Gene Variation Increase Women's Risk of Stroke
  • Oxygen Therapy May Alleviate Cluster and Migraine Pain
  • Migraine is On the Rise in the Military
  • Surgery No Longer Last Resort for Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Migraine Preventive Goes Generic
  • Looking for a Cure for Migraine

August 2008

  • Magnetic Device May Stop Aura Before a Headache Begins
  • Stopping Pain Signals With a Nerve Stimulator
  • Speeding Up Relief
  • New Frontier in Headache Treatment?
  • Daily Headaches Returned After Ten Years

July 2008

  • New Generation of Migraine Preventive Drugs in the Making
  • Lefties Are Not More Prone to Migraine
  • Steroid Shots May Help Migraine Recurrence
  • PTSD Linked to Chronic Headache
  • Study Begins on New Preventive Medication
  • Is Insurance or Physician Limiting Triptan Use?

June 2008

  • Botox Found Ineffective For Most Headaches
  • Frequency of Migraine Attacks Linked to Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Sleep Problems and Headache a Catch-22 for Kids
  • High Blood Pressure Linked to Fewer Headaches
  • New Migraine Combination Product Approved by the FDA
  • Can Preventive Treatment for Migraine be Eliminated Over Time?


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