Research Grants & Fellowships

Research Grants & Fellowships

Here you will find information on Research & Grant Programs, along with instructions on how to apply.

*2013-2014 research applications have been awarded.  If you would like to be notified as to when the next selection process for research grant proposals will begin, please email us at

The National Headache Foundation (NHF) supports research in the field of headache and pain. NHF seeks research protocols that are objectively sound and whose results can, when published in the medical literature, contribute to the better understanding and treatment of headache and pain.

Since our inception in 1970, the National Headache Foundation has provided over $1.7 million to support 207 grants.

The research committe, headed by Vincent Martin, MD, have selected the following research applications for NHF awards:

Researcher Projects 2013-2014

David Borsook, MD, PhD
Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School
In collaboration with Mayo Clinic (Michael Cutrer, MD)

Functional and Morphometric Measures in Chronic Daily Headache - Markers of Disease Reversal

Sita Kedia, MD
Children's Hospital Colorado

Adolescents with Migraine: What's Stress Got to Do with it?

This research is also being supported by the Libby Fund

Research Projects Funded 2012-2013


Projects Funded 2012-2013

Dan Levy, Ph.D.
Beth Israel Medical Center and
Harvard Medical School

CSD-induced Cortical Metabolic Perturbations and the Genesis of Migraine Headache

K.C. Brennan, M.D.
University of Utah Medical School

Sensory Network Plasticity in Migraine with Aura

Vincent T. Martin, M.D.
University of Cincinnati

Andrew D. Hershey, M.D., Ph.D.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Adolescent Hormone Migraine Study

Seymour Diamond, M.D. Fellowship in Headache Medicine

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