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As a physician who has a special interest in caring for the headache patient, you recognize that special skills often are necessary. While many patients are adequately treated by primary care physicians, some do require or seek more advanced care. Finding a physician with such additional skills sometimes is difficult. For this reason the National Board of Certification in Headache Management has been created, to enable headache sufferers to confidently identify these special physicians.

The National Board of Certification in Headache Management (NBCHM) consists of nationally recognized headache physician authorities representing various specialties and a "lay" representative. The NBCHM, with the assistance of a psychometrician, has developed an initial experience-based process for awarding a certificate of added qualification (CAQ) in headache management. A knowledge-based qualifying examination is planned for the future. This certifying process involves a peer-reviewed appraisal of selected clinical qualifications, which the NBCHM has determined to be reflective of a commitment to headache management. These qualifications and criteria include but are not limited to CME coursework in headache experience, headache patient caseload, and research.

Clearly you are already committed to headache patients and we encourage you to expand that commitment by reviewing the requirements and applying for this certificate of added qualification in headache management. If you are awarded this certificate, it will further demonstrate to patients your nationally recognized skills and expertise in headache management.

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