Towards a Core Outcome Set for Headache Clinical Trials (COSH): An International e-Delphi Survey and Consensus Meeting

The National Headache Foundation is providing the below information on this study as a public service to its members.

Understanding the way in which headaches affect people and the potential benefits of treatment are important. However, there is currently no guidance for how best to do this and a wide range of approaches are used. These approaches to assessment are called outcomes or outcome measures – you may have experience of completing these measures during your visits to clinics or if you have previously taken part in a research study.

The Core Outcome Set for Headache (COSH) study will seek to better understand the outcomes that matter most to people who experience headache, clinicians (including doctors and specialist nurses), policy makers and researchers, with a view to reaching agreement on a small group of outcomes (that is, a ‘core outcome set for headache’) that should be included, as a minimum, in all future headache studies. Continue Reading

The Value of Research and Prevention in Addressing the Societal Burden of Migraine

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Jaime Sanders has suffered from migraines since she was eight-years-old. Despite her chronic pain, she has “always managed to find the strength and will to move forward in life.” Sanders, a patient advocate and blogger, was joined by experts in different areas of migraine research and treatment to discuss the societal burden of this debilitating disease during a Research!America Capitol Hill briefing on June 15, 2017. Continue Reading

Theranica Seeking Participants for Clinical Trial

The National Headache Foundation is providing the below information on this study as a public service to its members.

Theranica is currently conducting a clinical study with Nerivio Migra, a drug-free device for the acute treatment of migraine.

Eligible patients are people with migraine between the ages of 16 and 75 with two to eight migraines per month. Patients can continue to take their regular preventative medications (or preventative devices) during the course of the study. Only two visits to the clinic are required during the study—one at the beginning for enrollment and another at the completion of the study.

This study is currently being conducted at four sites in the U.S. The following locations are looking for participants:

  • Albany, New York
  • Great Neck (Long Island), New York
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Washington, D.C.

Patients who are interested in participating are invited to send an email to Dr. Solli Brawer ( indicating their age, gender, average number of migraine attacks per month, preferred site, email address, and phone number.

Join the NHF and Help Raise Awareness on June 21

The National Headache Foundation is excited to join a number of migraine-related organizations and bloggers to promote Shades for Migraine and increase awareness.

We hope you can join us, too. All you have to do to participate in the #shadesformigraine sunglass challenge is:

  1. Post a photo of yourself on social media wearing sunglasses in a place that you normally wouldn’t
  2. Hashtag the photo with #shadesformigraine
  3. Challenge two others to do the same
  4. Wear your sunglasses all long on June 21 to raise awareness

This is a great way to participate in National Headache & Migraine Awareness Month. For too long, individuals with migraine and other headache disorders have been burdened by their invisible diseases. On June 21, let your disease be visible for a day. All you have to do is post a photo of you (and maybe your friends and family, too) wearing sunglasses on social media with the hashtag #shadesformigraine.

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The Migraine World Summit, Information from the World’s Top Experts is Still Available

The National Headache Foundation is proud to support The Migraine World Summit. The Migraine World Summit was started in 2016 and instantly became the largest ever conference for migraine patients.

It returned in April 2017 with 36 videos featuring some of the world’s top experts in migraine. The 2017 event may be over, but there is still an opportunity for those who missed out to catch up. If you missed it, the recordings are available to order:

Support NHF

Not only will you get great, trustworthy information from experts that you can use to discuss with your healthcare provider, but you can also support the National Headache Foundation. As a charity partner, the NHF receives up to 50% of funds raised from the Summit. So far, The Migraine World Summit has donated more than $10,000 to the NHF and other migraine specific charities, groups and foundations.

Learn more about The Migraine World Summit and consider ordering your all-access pass to the entire 2017 summit:

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