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National Headache Foundation Logo Over the past 45 years, our mission at the National Headache Foundation has been to further awareness of headache and migraine as legitimate neurobiological diseases. Much has changed during this time, and with aid from advanced technology and clinical innovation, there are more treatment options than ever before. However, we understand that these diseases are still largely misunderstood and that finding the right treatment options for you requires nuanced and adaptable insight.

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Represent the headache sufferer in efforts with the public, insurance providers, and governmental agencies.
Increase public awareness regarding headache and its impact on the individual, their families, and society.
Serve as the premiere resource by providing information to patients, health care professionals, and the media.
Promote research into potential headache causes and treatments.

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Q: It seems that certain types of music, especially loud, manufactured/synthesizer-type music, triggers my migraine headaches. I am wondering if any research has been done to determine the correlation of certain sounds or music to the onset of migraine headaches. An example of this music can be heard in some steakhouse-type restaurants. Sometimes my headaches are triggered by being placed on hold during a business phone call. I cannot listen to music using earplugs. Easy-listening music, live piano music, and/or Lawrence Welk-type music … read more